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Challenge #03784-J131: Learn or...

CEO -- "It's not FAIR!"

"It's that or you go to prison"

CEO -- "Then how in the name of hell am I supposed to control them this way?"

"You could always try being fair and giving them what you promised."

CEO -- "THAT is blackmail!"

"You have your two choices, so choose."

The CEO is ordered by the CRC to either have all of their interactions live-streamed 24 / 7, including board room meetings, work in the office, and so forth, along with auditors working at all hours to make sure CRC law is upheld. Though they do get privacy for sleep and for using the washroom. -- Anon Guest

Control. Manipulation. Deceit. These were the key ingredients to success. And the namby-pamby Galactic Alliance insisted that they were also criminal. Dungal Baebiana thought that they would at least allow some accommodations because he called them in.

He never expected to be treated like a criminal. Having his assets seized and put under new management as they trained him in their ways.

"This is no way to control a workforce," he complained. "I asked you to help me, not to lock me up."

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Challenge #02087-E263: The True Revolution

[AN: Steemit has reconfigured its jiggery-pokery and I won't be able to post today's story there until much, much later. When that happens, this post will have a link. Stay tuned]

a female who hears about bad stuff happening to other ladies, but are oblivious because it never happens to them. -- Anon Guest

Cindy never knew she was her friends' Protector for years. She just thought that everything that happened was normal. Walking with Sishawna and any of her friends to

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Challenge #01642-D181: Reformation

(To a powerful Mage who, since the moment a cataclysmic war ended, has been attempting reforms of the - dangerous to the very fabric of the universe - way magic is taught and thought about, from some soldiers who were standing guard outside the Council chambers)

[Soldier]:"[Mage]," said one. "What the fuck?"

[Mage]: "I don't have to start another war," they said. "This is a good thing. I can go be happy somewhere else if it bothers you."

[Soldier]: "Uh," said

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