Challenge #01642-D181: Reformation

(To a powerful Mage who, since the moment a cataclysmic war ended, has been attempting reforms of the - dangerous to the very fabric of the universe - way magic is taught and thought about, from some soldiers who were standing guard outside the Council chambers)

[Soldier]:"[Mage]," said one. "What the fuck?"

[Mage]: "I don't have to start another war," they said. "This is a good thing. I can go be happy somewhere else if it bothers you."

[Soldier]: "Uh," said the other.

[Soldier]: "Yes," said the first. "Please."

They left. -- RecklessPrudence

Urtax the Fearsome was talking to herself in the study again. "Schools. Yes. Must have schools. Teach 'em all how to read of course. Best learned early, that skill..." She hummed to herself. "Teach th' teachers how to recognise a blooming mage, of course. Progression. Yes. Can't have people learning death spells before twenty-one... Hum."

Urtax the Fearsome was, of course, the most powerful mage of the kingdom and, for a change, perfectly willing to let Artor the Brave rule instead of becoming the usual magical despot. As so many had before her. What she was doing now, instead of plotting to take over the throne, was plotting to reform magic.

"Harmless stuff for the unskilled, yes," she continued to mutter. "Levitation, transformation. Some helpful potions. Check and see if any have any scrying skills... Thaaat requires... hm! Crystal balls, tea, tarot and I-Ching. Best leave some of that for... uh... sixteen. Yes. Need to have an ego for scrying." Urtax fell to muttering, "Get 'em early," over and over again.

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