I have half an hour...

And 90% of my shit is definitely not done. Thanks to a very busy weekend, there's crap on the counter that should have been put away, stuff that should have been washed, and a fine layer of dust from when I haven't wiped it all down.

And I have half an hour to make a story happen or y'all have to wait until the afternoon.

Thanks to a visit to Mum-in-law, I have asthma creeping up on me. She's very much anti-keto and doesn't understand that we can't have what's normally thought of as 'healthy'. And it's honestly better to eat than argue.

So I'm starting my day with a large and salty broth instead of my usual cream of oxo egg drop noodle soup. Purge my system of the nasties.

And I'll probably be ending my day with a grand run-around because Chaos has suspected critters again and Mayhem has what looks like ringworm.

I'm going to be blasted by the end of the day.