Challenge #01643-D182: High-level Negotiations

Do you ever get the feeling that (God/the Gods) (has/have) a plan? And you're the only one who can stop it? -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the forces of the multiverse, none is more terrifying than a being with the Gods on their side. They are unstoppable, indomitable, and irrevocable. And of all the beings in the multiverse, none are more pitiable than the ones the Gods merely use as a tool.

And when one comes against the other...

Shayde faced the Archdivine of Q'kexx'l across the remains of the battlefield. Thanks to the alleged gods who were using her, she was an equal to him in power and strength. He could call down lightning, she could absorb it and turn it against him. After an hour of lightning ping-pong, the shot went wild and blasted some poor peasant's crops into an inferno.

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