I get the kids back today

So that's a long-arse trip there and back with a non-ketogenic lunch from the mum-in-law who just doesn't understand how evil carbs are.

At least we had a nice breakfast.

Owing to a comedy of errors, we didn't have the salmon last night, so I cooked it up this morning. You can check out how it looks over on my Instagram. Delicious. Even though I followed the instructions, the skin didn't turn out crispy at all. Not complaining too hard though.

Now I have to hurry along and post a story for y'all. Tomorrow, not only do I have more cleaning to do, but I also have to restart posting chapters of Beauties and the Beastly for my Patreons. One chapter a day seems to suit my limits.

I mean... if I have any patreons. I gotta advertise the crap out of this. And not here. I think I have like ONE person who comes to this site on a regular basis [Hi, Mum!].