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Challenge #03374-I086: I Want That, But Not All of That

Research Group checking vaccine effects on the Elderly, find one that "Reverses the Effects of Ageing". It was Sponsored by a "Minimum cost" Charity. Once a year and you look and mostly feel 25. Enter "Not in my Body group" some in their 50's. -- Anon Guest

United Pharmacorp had purchased a number of Extended Care Facilities. Old folks' homes, asylums, group homes, even a few juvenile prisons. Under new management, very little changed. Except... the residents were all encouraged to join "medicine programs."

Human experimentation on those judged less worthy than the young, able, and mentally capable. Capitalism at its finest.

This went largely under the radar for most. Until the testing cycle for a vaccine against Herpes Simplex. They tested it on those who had it, they tested it on those who never got it. They tested it on those who never would get it. They monitored all of them, including the control group.

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Challenge #03366-I078: The Strawmen Are Fighting

“All women are QUEENS.”

“If she breathes she’s a THOT!” -- Anon Guest

Someone in the next booth turned about to face the arguing bros. "Thot? That's the type of woman who uses attractiveness to earn an income, right?"

"You can say ho' it's okay. We know all the words." They were relatively young men. Barely out of high school. The type of greasy pseudo-adulthood in which they knew they knew everything. Pitiful in their way.

"In a world where women

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Challenge #03358-I070: Figmentary Negotiations

A: I can’t tell if you’re lying to me or you’re that dumb

B: Excuse you? The story is moving but none of the love interest are, you know falling in love?

A: Riddle me this, whose body are you inhabiting?

B: Emily Von Zeiks.

A: And what is her role in the story?

B: The antagonist?

A: Good, now what have you been doing this entire time?

B: I’ve… oh no -- Anon Guest

There is a

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Challenge #03324-I036: For the Love of Dance

Re: [Can you please]

I would like you to write a story about a ballerina that begins ballet and finds their one true love. -- Tupper

There's a time of life where every small girl wants to wear a tutu professionally. To be entirely fair, tutus are fun and ballet looks so beautiful, and along with being a princess, ballerina is high up there on early girlhood aspirations.

It's the ones who are dedicated who learn about breaking in Pointe shoes, blood

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Challenge #03216-H307: Just Sort it Out

A good friend of mine invited me over for a drink, didn’t think it would be relationship advice. “More than friends, less than lovers? More than anything it sounds like you two are too f[FORNICATION] tsundere over your emotions.” -- Anon Guest

[AN: Edited the prompt because too many asterisks in a row messes with things]

"Tsundere? Me? Really?"

"You did just say you wanted to punch hir pretty little face in. And then kiss it. That's pretty tsundere." Tuz

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Challenge #03154-H245: Champions at Silly Buggers

A: With the things being the way it is now, all I can do is try to determine what might be going on though naked-eye observations and my imagination

B: In short, you're taking a best guess?

A: "best guess"?! My dear friend, please! That is a woefully inadequate representation of what goes on. a fairer description would be "observation and inference drawing on a wealth of professional experience, including analogous previous cases."

B: Okay, so an educated guess.

A: precisely --

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Challenge #03107-H199: Too Helpful

welcome to the internet, I’ll be your guide -- Anon Guest

Benevolence Org had spared no expense. They had put everything they could into their shield AI which, in a moment of pure egocentrism, named Bo. It was meant to protect the new, the unfamiliar, the gullible, from those who would exploit them on the nigh-lawless seas of the internet. It was friendly, it was helpful, and users could even customise the friendly avatar of its interface for maximum comfort.


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Challenge #03079-H171: Ave Ceasar...

A: Those who share my purpose becomes allies, those that do not become casualty.

B: There’s nothing about this war that is that cut and dry.

A: Because you still have hope, that this war will end with your honour intact

B: I do

A: stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honour matter. The silence Is your answer. -- Anon Guest

War. They say it never changes, but it does. It gets increasingly

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Challenge #03075-H167: Fighting to Survive

'Hoverboard' on YouTube, actually large drone with person riding. What if the drone was used to carry essential items in times of need and trouble. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've seen videos of these things. They are cool, but also loud as HECK. More annoying than the average dirt bike and three times as dangerous. And yes, Drones carried goods before they carried people]

Tal could trust the ones that made noise. Ze had learned to hide in the granite tubes until

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Challenge #03071-H163: A Deal is a Deal

A: What am I your f** wingman?

B: Come on you owe me for last time.

A: be quiet you Sonofa- whatever, don’t come crying to me later. I’ll try to create an opportunity for you, oh, and this will cost a little mor-

B: yeah I know what you want, it’s in the basement. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Ah, the temptation to riff on A Cask of Amontillado...]

Friendship can get weird, sometimes. Those who know each other

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Challenge #03071-H148: Elves and Aliens

As a species we had hoped that we weren’t the only ones in the universe. After the invasion had wiped out 75 % of the population of earth, we begun to wish that we were. But then strange happenings were being reported. The stories of magic, myths, and monsters we would tell around campfires weren’t just stories to tell in the dark. -- LatinoThor45

There was a time when we were excited that the visitors came. They came with promises. They

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Challenge #03063-H140: True Ruin

The human psyche is a fragile thing, perhaps it’s meant to be pitiful. I wonder when was the last time I shed a tear. I lived for so long now. I absorb so much knowledge, however, I wonder whenever I lost more that what I’d gained. Have I... become numbed to other’s feelings gratitude and remorse? I kept the memories of what emotions feel like, even if that means that I’m barely able to recognize it. Perhaps, the

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Challenge #03060-H137: And Then, Death, You Will Die

[death is no longer a threat. the man took the scythe.

the silly fool is now the master of death.

he has adopted a great power, but also a great curse. what a silly man.](https://youtu.be/00AjJIwl-q4) -- Anon Guest

[AN: The linked video is more or less described in the prompt, but it's way more silly in person]

My name is Death... now. It was something else, once, but that changed. They say you can beat Death at one

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Challenge #03035-H112: Hostile Working Conditions

Call Centres, Don't you just love to hate them, the faceless voice on the other end of the line, that automaton of modern industry you can vent all your frustration at and abuse until your hearts content.

You're sure they don't mind, if they did they could just hang up! You would! They couldn't loose their job over it surely?!?

Besides, its not like they aren't paid well enough to take one frustrated customer, if there was more than one complaint, surely

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Challenge #03034-H111: Obscured by Alchemy

There’s two types of people:

1- those that can extrapolate information from incomplete data -- Anon Guest

[AN: I love this but have to resist the urge to fill in the missing information. Thankyou, Nonny, for messing with my brain]

There are times in alchemy that the four elements are insufficient to explain what just happened. For instance, the metal of potash. Purging wood with fire, then soaking the char in water for a week, straining out the charcoal, and then

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