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Challenge #02442-F252: Free Will

When humans went to war in the past, they created weapons that can kill their enemies quickly and painlessly. As such they banned weapons and ammunition like hollow point bullets, flamethrowers, and any weapons that don’t kill humans as quickly as possible. -- Anon Guest

They say war never changes. They lie. What actually never changes is the depths to which combatants will sink to in order to gain a victory -any kind of victory- over the other side. Germ warfare is as old as the ability to fling a corpse over some fortified walls, or to leave one upstream of the besieged city's water supply. Murdering the innocent and unarmed is even older than that.

In war, more civilians die than any number of soldiers. They remain uncounted because they are civilians. They aren't important to the movers and shakers who create the wars in the first place. In war, there are terms of combat and the main battle is in seeing which side decides to ignore those first. Or which side can create a supremely vile weapon which wasn't discussed in the original terms of combat. New and more disgusting or horrifying ways to end the opposing forces.

First, of course, was germ warfare. Predating even the germ theory of disease dispersal. Next, came an assortment of attacks on supply chains. Burning the fields, diverting the water, or addicting the populace to debilitating drugs. Following that came mass poison. Adulterating the water supply has always been popular, but when they discovered how to adulterate the air. Gas attacks became the new terror. From there, things could only escalate.

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Challenge #02438-F248: A Perfectly Normal Chip-shop Keeper

Too many of the one name so, Evans the milk, Evans the bread and Evans the dragon, nice man, doesn't play Rugby though. -- Anon Guest

There's always an Evans family in any given village in Wales. Often, there's more than one Evans family in any given location in Wales. It's a very popular surname. In order to distinguish Evanses apart, there are associated eke names. Additional surnames, sur-surnames if you will. You get names like Evans the Milk - the Evans

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Challenge #02434-F244: For Dreams Behind Bars

Dimethyltryptamine, a "Class A" drug that is illegal across the world, but not in some country and states. An potent Psychedelic that can make you believe that you can warp reality. The funny thing is, it is created when we dream. -- Anon Guest

Dimethyltryptamine. Quite the mouthful when you're chasing that high. Some call it DMT, some call it God Complex. Some call it Dream, because it is literally the stuff that dreams are made of. The brain makes it naturally

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Challenge #02433-F243: One More Thing

Do it yourselfers have a problem, "I needa", and after multiple trips to the local hardware store you acquire stuff. Which leads to 'innovative storage'. -- Anon Guest

It starts with a project that should be simple, but you need more than what is present in the allegedly simple kit. The people who put that kit together assumed that you were starting from a certain level of familiarity. So you go out to acquire the missing items of necessity.

Once there, you

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Challenge #02431-F241: Elements of Bad Design

The tailbone is virtually useless, a big target near our ass, not to mention the design of our spine is structurally fucked, AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FOUR WISDOM TEETHS THAT I NEED TO BE SHATTERED AND EXTRACTED. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Don't get me started on my wisdom teeth. That was a horrorshow.]

If there was ever an argument against intelligent design, it is simply found in vestigial portions of anatomy and the troubles they cause. Just for example:

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Challenge #02430-F240: In a Name

I'm one of the fortunate or unfortunate (depending on your perspective) to have two first name, them being S* Kirby. -- Anon Guest

There's just something about having a first name as a last name that gets to people. It's memorable, yes, but also... it can make nametags problematic. You would not believe the number of people who tell me it should be my surname in there or, in non-surname occasions, my given one. Then you get the accusations of being an

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Challenge #02424-F234: Revolution Temporarily Postponed

"Ok look, I haven't eaten anything since this morning, and the meeting was THREE HOURS long, I'm sooooo stressed I just want to play punch something" -- Anon Guest

Is there anything more frustrating than a day that goes nowhere due to circumstances beyond your control? The boss buttonholes you for two hours about inefficiency. The staff meeting drags on as someone in the higher echelons demands a full explanation in small words of the exact, precise, fine details of the problem

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Challenge #02420-F230: Should Have Ordered a Bear Claw

Don't we all love some self-important type throwing a Grade One 'Tanty' - strongly reminiscent of a spoiled 2-year-old on camera. -- Anon Guest

Like all spectacles, this was one best viewed from afar. It was loud, it was violent, it was utterly ridiculous, and the people at ground zero had seen all varieties of nonsense and were therefore relatively unflappable, or just too tired to be bothered with reacting, it was difficult to tell. In person... it was just strange.


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Challenge #02419-F229: iStalkU

Of the three main causes for murder "Lust" is the most ignoble and most distressing. What could not be given in Love was stolen, then in fear of reprisal or 'the damn bitch struggled" a Life was taken. -- Anon Guest

Let me tell you about the one I love. They are perfect. Perfect body. Perfect looks. Never a hair out of place. They always smile for me when I go to order my morning fix. I always tip generously. I want

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Challenge #02418-F228: Smile For Me

There three main causes of most murders. "Anger" is one. -- Anon Guest

You know what really pisses me off? The phrase, "You're cute when you're mad." Like all that ever matters about me is the appeal I have to everyone around me. I'm cute. I'm adorable. I'm so pretty, haha, I shouldn't have negative feelings.

Bull. Hockey. I'm a human being, just like them. I have feelings, both positive and negative. I have wants and needs. I make choices... but the

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Challenge #02417-F227: Single White Male, Age Eighteen to Thirty-five

Of the 7 deadly sins, three are responsible for most Murders. I present for your pen, "Greed". -- Anon Guest

There is nothing at all wrong with wanting nice things. Not necessarily the best, mind, but the best is always better than anything less so. I mean, who would rather have a minivan when they could have a porsche or a lamborghini, right? Before you start rolling your eyes at me, I am not one of those spoiled brats who threw a

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Challenge #02414-F224: Livin' in the Fridge

I remember when my roommate raided the fridge, it was horrifying. -- Anon Guest

Let me get one thing straight - when you're riding the poverty line as a student, you will accept anything. Books cost a shit-ton of money. So does rent. So does the internet you need in order to do research. Food is always the biggest thing that gets cost-cut when you're a student. Dumpster diving is big amongst the student crowd. Or it was before the corporations throwing

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Challenge #02413-F223: Forbidden Prize

My soul longs for it, craves for it. I want- no need it! -- Anon Guest

It's always out of reach. Beyond my grasp. Close enough to see. Too far away to touch. Tempting. Always tempting. I want it, I need it, I love it from afar, but I cannot even hope to touch it. It is beyond my means. I know this, yet I try anyway.

There are a thousand plans. Deception and trickery. Argument and debate. Ingenuity and engineering with

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Challenge #02411-F221: Take the Baby Steps

(after an AI with a soft spot for humans somehow terraformed Five Minutes In The Future's Pluto into a 1G habitable world, while keeping it the same size and distance from Sol)

At this point she may as well just terraform the rest of the system. Maybe Luna first. Then Venus. Like a trail of breadcrumbs.

"Come on humans! You know you want to~" -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Happening in a close neighbour to my Amalgam Universe]

Well. Would you look at that?

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Challenge #02410-F220: The Visionary

Personally I thought it was a ludicrous idea, but once again we have been shown to never doubt the power of a mad scientist with a blank chequebook. -- RecklessPrudence

I'm not crazy, as the song says, I'm just a little unwell. Actually, I'm not mad, either, just... vexed. Like the entire world has this illogic to it that I just can not understand ever and it annoys the living snot out of me. Obviously, if we were not in mixed company,

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