Challenge #03063-H140: True Ruin

The human psyche is a fragile thing, perhaps it’s meant to be pitiful. I wonder when was the last time I shed a tear. I lived for so long now. I absorb so much knowledge, however, I wonder whenever I lost more that what I’d gained. Have I... become numbed to other’s feelings gratitude and remorse? I kept the memories of what emotions feel like, even if that means that I’m barely able to recognize it. Perhaps, the purpose of this journey of mine is to recover what I’ve lost. -- Anon Guest

Some say that if the Gods wish to ruin a man, they must first send them mad. Others hold that ruin lies in the deities' blessings instead. I say no to both of those ideas. If the Gods truly wish to ruin a man... they must first make him immortal.

You may laugh. Immortality is chief amongst human desires. To live forever. That is the goal. That is the ideal. It is what some have been chasing since the dawn of the awareness of mortality. Like most dreams, very few realise how it can turn into a nightmare. I have that realisation. Through base experience.

They say love is forever. Unless the lover is also immortal... it is not. I have found none others as foolish as I. None others with whom to tend the long span of years together. None others who were granted the Gods own ruin. In the beginning, I tried to nurse love as solace through my endless life. Do you know how much it hurts to see a soulmate wither, weaken, and finally perish? Do you understand how much that can hurt, even centuries later?

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