Monday, Day 0, On Yer Marks!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen total cases, twelve in hospital.

I did the coding yesterday. What I lack is the skills to understand a decent half of it. That's my job this morning.

The bread I made on Friday is not fit for human consumption. I make more this Friday. I also order more flour because I'm running a smidge low on supplies.

The daily morning vegemite soup seems to be working. When skin does slide off, it's sliding off in smaller flakes. More progress will be slow. Hooray for niacin.

I may or may not be fortifying myself to do more coding in the evenings. Maybe an afternoon nap after Chaos comes back home will allow me to recharge. We will see.

The usual pln this morning. House unfuckening, 500 words, instant story. Tomorrow is when things get wild. Because then, my dear readers, if all goes well... the new vanity goes in. Whee.

In the news:

  • Tennis drama
  • Victoria faces the worst case scenario
  • Victoria up in arms after an MP suggests those in financial distress go to centerlink
  • Three dickheads in Florida open fire on concertgoers
  • Tourists do really daft things over here
  • Woman blows her bitcoin fortune on a sushi dinner
  • New crypto goes live and goes off
  • People dumped a dead Plague patient off a bridge in India

Code nonsense soon. Instant after that. Words whenever.