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Saturday, Parkrun, Bug chasing, and Hair

There's been some alarm from my readers over the prospect of my moving [though I can't fathom why. I find a way to work around every impediment in my path] so let me ease some concerns with this:

It's all at least a year in the future IF things go well for us.

By that time, the kids could have lives of their own. By that time, I could have an author career. I could have a multi-bajillion-dollar deal with some megacorporation [I can dream]. A year is a long time and I shouldn't have been excited about the potential changes for a little slice of better.

Sorry about the glee.

We managed to fix a few programs

I got my hair redid in a nice shade of aqua, soon to be emerald green.

Onwards, as fast as possible, to my offerings.

Sunday, Game Morning, Daylight Saving, and Bread PLNs

The gang and I had fun with spider murder, zombie Beholders, and malevolent creatures all around. I realised that I had to feed Wilson, my wholemeal starter, so now there's a starter harvest 'bikkie' baking in the oven.

I top mine with sliced olives, sesame seeds, and salt. Baked at 150 celcius for 35 to 45 minutes, or until golden-brown.

I'm taking a more relaxed attitude to my offerings today. Just chilling as I go forth.

The weather is turning colder and

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Thursday, Aiming for Progress

I shall be delving into further education in Stencyl today. Not doing programming, but doing learning. Working out how to do a thing rather than making said thing go.

Not a lot of visible progress there.

I'll be moving five more blog entries out of Wordpress and into my new blogging site as well.

And the regular series of offerings, of course.

...which I'm now doing single-handedly because Jolie demands the company of my left hand.

I might be able to get

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Challenge #04071-K053: Situation Versus Circumstances

Lilicoon looks at the painting that hangs in her home, and smiles in memory. She tells the visiting Jay how she and Sunshine met as friends, and the first time they had tea together. Grateful for that meeting, because through that meeting, her future was secure in meeting Jay. -- Anon Guest

There was a goddess above her fireplace. Well. Pseudo-fireplace. Sometimes, a home needs a mantlepiece to display objects of pride. This was her home.

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Tuesday, Patreon, Gravel, and a Day Off

The gravel was announced before I was done with my stretchies. So I had to hurry up. Paused stretchies, put on my knees, put on my pants, fed the cats, roused the kids, and set up for a stakeout.

I was just ready to sit and write and wait when the crane truck turned up.

We now have 400kg (62 stone + 14 lbs) of gravel which, I hope and pray, will do great things towards making the swamp less of a swamp,

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Saturday, Parkrun and Progress

I have finally and at last finished Chapter 358 of A Devil's Tale, the epic story of a devilborn whose love life has gone to hell. The chapter was dragging under the weight of shinier ideas elsewhere. [coughcough Astarion Baldursgate coughcough]

I am getting there, though.

Bit by bit, I shall reach the point in which the mandatory war happens, thence to be followed by snippets of Happily Ever After. For all the epilogues I planned when I was in the middle

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Monday, Foundry Reads and Progress

Thanks to Internet Outage, I had a depresso nap and ended up writing chapter 344 of A Devil's Tale between 1 and 4 AM.

Yeah, I keep messing up my sleep cycle.

I forgot my stretchies and borked my wrists doing the story for the Foundry's next prompt. Whoops. A contributing factor may also be writing an entire chapter at BF in the morning. Double whoops.

And I have yet to engage in my normal offerings.

Let's get on with those. Starting

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Thursday, Sundry PLNs

I get Beloved to huggle during most of next week! So partly motivated to do at least a chapter a day. But also borkable wrists and reminding myself to take it easy.

The real problem with doing my stretchies is that I have to set a 30-second timer off while holding my hands in a specific and uncomfortable position. Whee fun.

My aims today:

  • The daily tale and meme as per every day
  • Finish a chapter of A Devil's Tale [currently working
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Thursday, Roadblock on Progress

I hit another wall in Stencyl today. Paired with another disagreement with Beloved, I was not in a good space, mentally. Neither was Beloved, as we tried to work through what was going wrong.

At least we settled on some ways to move forward henceforth.

I mislike being told I'm dumb for being worried and then being told I was wrong for being justified in those concerns. And then being told that everything I predicted was my fault.

Fingers crossed, that should

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Thursday, Back to the Grind

I am only expected to give minimal offerings, today, so the chances are good that I shall complete some significant portions of a tutorial for Stencyl. At last.

I am confident that, once I complete all the tutorials, I should be able to build a passable game to suit my goals.

Discussing this with Beloved, there was some confusion regarding grid sizes. She was referring to the size of the 'patches' within the grid and I was referring to the whole grid.

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Monday, Progression of PLNs

I have one duck left to draw, and then it's CODING TIME. Oh my sweet powers, I need a lot of help with that.

I shall be searching with the Duck Of Wisdom [duckduckgo] to see if there's anything that will help me actually make a firkin GAME.

Further bulletins on that as events warrant.

As for today, I shall be finishing a chapter that I started in the morning, doing the daily meme and the daily tale.

Then I get back

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Monday, Return to 'Normal'

The schedule is back in action as Beloved is free to do such. I had her in my bed for the first time in six firkin weeks. Needless to say that I am in a much better mood this morrow.

I have also warned Beloved not to do any more stunts.

I have drawn today's duck [four of nine] and if I keep going at this rate, I shall have to do some coding soon.

Le Dread.

I'm shit at programming and

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Tuesday, Patreon, art PLNs

I just put out my Patreon stuff and, given the audio files I had on hand, I refuse to feel guilty about the lack of chapters in the WIP.

Some things are easier to do when crook than others. Like... taking advantage of a buffer zone.


I have other offerings to cast out into the digital waters, more chapters to read, and maybe even a chapter to write.

Since the cold is mostly over but the chunks in my bronchii, I'm

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Saturday, Parkrun and Torture Shoes

Miss Chaos was my only company today. Because the other lovelies were off to Mt Tambourine for other shenanigans. And because I ran out of money, Miss Chaos was in charge.

Also, because of the bone spurs on my feet, I was a little more in pain than normal.

Now I need the Torture shoes and my feet still firkin hurt.

...I'm going to have to stand on broom handles and roll frozen bottles under my feet every day. Again. Blahaaargh I

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Thursday, Endorphin Chase

Had a wonderful date night with Beloved, had some revealing discussions about where I am on the queer spectrum.

The word is "DemiRo" short for Demisexual with a focus on Romance.

The rest of it is between my partners and I.

...yeah that's not a typo. Beloved and I have formed a Queer Platonic Partnership[QPP] with a third party. Everything else is none of your business. I shall refer to partnership stuff with QPP and generic family stuff that could also

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