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Thursday, Roadblock on Progress

I hit another wall in Stencyl today. Paired with another disagreement with Beloved, I was not in a good space, mentally. Neither was Beloved, as we tried to work through what was going wrong.

At least we settled on some ways to move forward henceforth.

I mislike being told I'm dumb for being worried and then being told I was wrong for being justified in those concerns. And then being told that everything I predicted was my fault.

Fingers crossed, that should be done with by now.

It's been a thorn in my feels for a while, not gonna lie.

So yesterday's Wordpress happened today, and I am getting a wriggle on with everything else I do in bits and patches.

Starting with the daily tale and the meme in the Fediverse.

Onwards ever onwards.

Thursday, Back to the Grind

I am only expected to give minimal offerings, today, so the chances are good that I shall complete some significant portions of a tutorial for Stencyl. At last.

I am confident that, once I complete all the tutorials, I should be able to build a passable game to suit my goals.

Discussing this with Beloved, there was some confusion regarding grid sizes. She was referring to the size of the 'patches' within the grid and I was referring to the whole grid.

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Monday, Progression of PLNs

I have one duck left to draw, and then it's CODING TIME. Oh my sweet powers, I need a lot of help with that.

I shall be searching with the Duck Of Wisdom [duckduckgo] to see if there's anything that will help me actually make a firkin GAME.

Further bulletins on that as events warrant.

As for today, I shall be finishing a chapter that I started in the morning, doing the daily meme and the daily tale.

Then I get back

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Monday, Return to 'Normal'

The schedule is back in action as Beloved is free to do such. I had her in my bed for the first time in six firkin weeks. Needless to say that I am in a much better mood this morrow.

I have also warned Beloved not to do any more stunts.

I have drawn today's duck [four of nine] and if I keep going at this rate, I shall have to do some coding soon.

Le Dread.

I'm shit at programming and

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Tuesday, Patreon, art PLNs

I just put out my Patreon stuff and, given the audio files I had on hand, I refuse to feel guilty about the lack of chapters in the WIP.

Some things are easier to do when crook than others. Like... taking advantage of a buffer zone.


I have other offerings to cast out into the digital waters, more chapters to read, and maybe even a chapter to write.

Since the cold is mostly over but the chunks in my bronchii, I'm

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Saturday, Parkrun and Torture Shoes

Miss Chaos was my only company today. Because the other lovelies were off to Mt Tambourine for other shenanigans. And because I ran out of money, Miss Chaos was in charge.

Also, because of the bone spurs on my feet, I was a little more in pain than normal.

Now I need the Torture shoes and my feet still firkin hurt.

...I'm going to have to stand on broom handles and roll frozen bottles under my feet every day. Again. Blahaaargh I

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Thursday, Endorphin Chase

Had a wonderful date night with Beloved, had some revealing discussions about where I am on the queer spectrum.

The word is "DemiRo" short for Demisexual with a focus on Romance.

The rest of it is between my partners and I.

...yeah that's not a typo. Beloved and I have formed a Queer Platonic Partnership[QPP] with a third party. Everything else is none of your business. I shall refer to partnership stuff with QPP and generic family stuff that could also

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Friday, Further PLNs

Tonight, Friendo Awesome is staying over because helping her fam and distance issues. So tomorrow will be "interesting" when we all take off for the parkrun.

What's also "interesting" today is the fact that I wrote a whole chapter of A Devil's Tale before I got out of bed.

Expect whingeing about borked wrists tomorrow.

I've already cleaned out the catio, and will shortly commence feeding the starters and making The Bikkie.

After that, I get on with the other stuff. Since

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Thursday, Progress Again

We had a wonderful day, disconnected from most of the interwebs but not technology. I needed a nap in the middle of it. We didn't get around to buying any bling, which might be a good thing.

Chapter count: Currently working on chapter 234.

Six more chapters and I'll be starting a new GoogDoc on the thing.

I can only HOPE it's going to stop at a trilogy at this point. The story ends when it wants to end, and I am

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Monday, Mor Progress

I'm working on Map 16 with some genuine ideas of what the hell I'm doing. My aim is to get a chapter summarised, a week tagged, and some jiggery-pokery done for the dungeon.

I also would dearly love to get another chapter done. Keep ahead of the curve.

We get paid tomorrow. Huzzah. Which means we can breathe a little bit easier until next paycheque.

Tale Foundry's doing the backup readings right now, so my story will be happening whenever I can

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Thursday, Some Small Progress

I have given up on ClipStudio for the meanwhile, and have resolved myself towards creating an all-new, all-different cover for 2022's Year of Instants.

It's been a trial.

So far, I have created the very essential melty clock. Behold:

[Shown here, a clock with visible gears and the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions replaced with Dec, Mar, Jun, and Sep respectively. The bottom side of the clock is oozing and dripping as if it is becoming liquid]

Fingers crossed, it's a

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Thursday, Plague Day 10

I'm DONE with my antibiotics! Huzzah!

I'm still horking up chunks, but they're not green, so I'm not worried.

I'm also working on clearing out my lungs from even more blockages, but that's a slow progress kind of thing. Baby steps. Teeny weenie tiny baby steps.

...infitessimal, annoying, baby steps...

Turns out I was worrying for weeks over an absent utterance by MeMum that she both dismissed and firkin forgot about. ARGH. I got myself worked up over essentially nothing. Growl.


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Thursday, Progress and PLNs

I have finished building the walls and floors of level 9 of 23. Now I have to furnish and add mobs to level 9 of 23. THEN I start on level 10 of 23. Which I hope to heaven will be nice and easy to construct.

...too many dang diagonals and round rooms in this one gone. Pleh.

I find out when I am done furnishing level 9 though. No peeking. If I looked at the entire thing, I would balk and

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Thursday, Day 0, Hargleblargle

Plague news: 6 781 new cases. 32 312 total active cases, 275 are in hospital, 10 are in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • 43 Million total vaccines administered nationally
  • 40K doses given in Queensland, yesterday

I personally hate what's going on with the government information sites. It's less accessible and that's likely so that nobody looks close enough to see how bad we're failing at controlling the damn disease.

We're not "living with the virus", we're letting it take over.

Today, I am

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Saturday, Day 0, Today maybe?

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Forty-one active cases, thirty-seven of those are in hospital

Beloved has had some very rough days at the office, so to speak. So progress on Mobile Instants has come to a screeching halt. If Beloved can't figure out the unriddling of the problem, then I have NO hopes.

Fingers crossed that the unriddling happens today.

Also in my PLNs:

  1. The mandatory Instant
  2. Attending the first entirely online writers' convention
  3. Eating a lot of carbage


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