Saturday, Parkrun and Progress

I have finally and at last finished Chapter 358 of A Devil's Tale, the epic story of a devilborn whose love life has gone to hell. The chapter was dragging under the weight of shinier ideas elsewhere. [coughcough Astarion Baldursgate coughcough]

I am getting there, though.

Bit by bit, I shall reach the point in which the mandatory war happens, thence to be followed by snippets of Happily Ever After. For all the epilogues I planned when I was in the middle of Book 2.

I shall also be commencing my FOURTH firkin GoogDoc on this thing sometime real soon now.

So much for "one brief little thing to get the ideas out". Yeeps.

I have one more day to "win" this week, and that's also the day of the busy time. Running the game, attending Tale Foundry, and then doing my stream. I shall be only expecting light other works from me that day. Aka: Anything else alongside the nigh-mandatory book entry is also a win.

One week almost done. Fifty-one yet to go.

Let's do this.