Sunday, Game Morning, Daylight Saving, and Bread PLNs

The gang and I had fun with spider murder, zombie Beholders, and malevolent creatures all around. I realised that I had to feed Wilson, my wholemeal starter, so now there's a starter harvest 'bikkie' baking in the oven.

I top mine with sliced olives, sesame seeds, and salt. Baked at 150 celcius for 35 to 45 minutes, or until golden-brown.

I'm taking a more relaxed attitude to my offerings today. Just chilling as I go forth.

The weather is turning colder and my internal temperature control issues are making everything worse. At least I should be seeing an expert about that real soon now.

Not this week. Next week. I'm nervous about it but seeing an expert helps with the problem.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

This Thursday, I think I'll be commencing bread. I'll have enough time on that day and Friday to do bread and have a chance of fully treating my bread for consumption.

The details of success:

  1. Smaller ice cube in the dutch oven for the rising phase of the bake
  2. Allow loaf to cool on a rack overnight
  3. Wrap in paper for another 24 hours
  4. Wrap in plastic bread sleeve thereafter.

The crust is soft enough to cut easily and the internal bread doesn't turn doughy. Yay.

Onwards to the offerings.