Challenge #04115-K097: Breaking Point

Their significant other had struck them once too often. Aboard the station, the slap was more than audible. Sunshine and Jay saw the person so struck suddenly get a blank look, and leap upon their abuser with their hands around their neck. Too many years of beatings will do that to a body. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Spousal abuse is not a thing in Alliance territories because children are taught from day dot that hitting other people is not okay]

Welcome to the Edge Territories, things are a lot wilder than the expected norms, here. There are a lot less of the normal rules. And not enough of the expected education. And when it came time for catching up... things could get rough.

Mr Sunshine and Jay were on their way back to their CRC contact when it happened.

The couple were in a heated conversation, and one raised their hand to slap the other. It happened so fast, but Jay fell into a defensive stance, ready to strike as necessary. Mr Sunshine activated his eyecam, making sure he had a good view of the incident.

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