Saturday, No Parkrun, New Tech, and Game PLNs

The weather bureau promised that there would be rain today, so we called it for Parkrun and decided on social brunch with minor snuggles.

Adorable is switching her OS to Ubuntu because Mainstream Enshittification Syndrome and I'm honestly pondering the logistics of joining the protest.

During the software change, I asked about a hardware change that I have been anticipating for some months - a new mechanical keyboard with a volume control and a firkin number pad.

That was a Leyland's Tour that was doubled by me forgetting my Drivin' Hat at Adorable's place.

Story shall be slow because new keyboard == mor typos.

I don't know if it's the Easter-related sugar overload or the assorted disturbances to my routines that made me forget everything important to my day.

I fully expect accusations of senility to fly from MeMum because circumstances conspired to make me miss an email. Once.

Offerings soon. Game tonight with the rainbow crew. Game tomorrow morning with my international maniacs.