Monday, Return to 'Normal'

The schedule is back in action as Beloved is free to do such. I had her in my bed for the first time in six firkin weeks. Needless to say that I am in a much better mood this morrow.

I have also warned Beloved not to do any more stunts.

I have drawn today's duck [four of nine] and if I keep going at this rate, I shall have to do some coding soon.

Le Dread.

I'm shit at programming and I shall have to look up other people's code to see how to do my own. And/or beg Beloved and Adorable to help me with that noise.

All so MeMum can play Clayton's Sudoku. The number puzzle, but without numbers. Sooner than I was ready, Pseuducku will be released upon the world.


Since I'm way ahead of Adorable's chapter listening, my recording progress will focus on the chapters that pre-date all the ones that Adorable has heard. The "just in case" recordings.

Just in case we need to give them to a professional for a pronounciation guide.

I still have literally hundreds of chapters to read out loud, and more chapters to write before the whole thing is finished.

And then I will have no other recourse but to go and summarise all of my finished novels prior to flicking them at agents or publishers.

For today, I record things, I make offerings, and I write a lot.

I might even draw a second duck today. We shall see.