Thursday, Sundry PLNs

I get Beloved to huggle during most of next week! So partly motivated to do at least a chapter a day. But also borkable wrists and reminding myself to take it easy.

The real problem with doing my stretchies is that I have to set a 30-second timer off while holding my hands in a specific and uncomfortable position. Whee fun.

My aims today:

  • The daily tale and meme as per every day
  • Finish a chapter of A Devil's Tale [currently working on 338] perhaps to start the next one
  • Record a chapter of Adapting
  • Do a microfic on Tungl because the brain worms have me again

I have managed to keep the bracers off yesterday, and that's good news for me. I did still get hurty wrists in the evening, but not enough to need the bracers or the Deep Heat. Huzzah.

Let's see how well I manage today.