Challenge #03966-J314: Variations on the Old Story

“The Black Reaper” stand against the fiercest monsters without hesitation.

A young sparrow flush with romantic feelings.

The cool-blooded man who curtly deals with profession of love.

One’s first love is much like measles. The older you are, the harder it is and the more lingering the effects.

Oh, to succumb to an illness torn from the pages of operas.

Quite boorish wouldn’t you say? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Once again, I am not allowed to do fanficcy things so this will be based entirely on the text of the prompt. Once again, I urge prompters to check the post pinned at the top of my prompt forum]

The first lesson a monster-hunter learns is how to identify a true monster. Those most frequently accused of monstrousness are only visibly monstrous. The reality of the world is that most monsters wear golden crowns, or hold the chains of those they name as monsters.

Once in a while, they find a true monster and become named as heroes. Most of the time, they are exiled because people think they're monsters.

They call hir "The Black Reaper" and ze carries a war scythe as hir main weapon. Because when the world hates you for who you are, you either roll in it or fight your soul away proving that you're not. Shelter takes hir job seriously and has no energy to waste on people who've already made up their minds. By hir side is what appears to be a very large, round bird. People who mistake him for a pet tend to have very short lifespans.

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