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Challenge #03966-J314: Variations on the Old Story

“The Black Reaper” stand against the fiercest monsters without hesitation.

A young sparrow flush with romantic feelings.

The cool-blooded man who curtly deals with profession of love.

One’s first love is much like measles. The older you are, the harder it is and the more lingering the effects.

Oh, to succumb to an illness torn from the pages of operas.

Quite boorish wouldn’t you say? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Once again, I am not allowed to do fanficcy things so this will be based entirely on the text of the prompt. Once again, I urge prompters to check the post pinned at the top of my prompt forum]

The first lesson a monster-hunter learns is how to identify a true monster. Those most frequently accused of monstrousness are only visibly monstrous. The reality of the world is that most monsters wear golden crowns, or hold the chains of those they name as monsters.

Once in a while, they find a true monster and become named as heroes. Most of the time, they are exiled because people think they're monsters.

They call hir "The Black Reaper" and ze carries a war scythe as hir main weapon. Because when the world hates you for who you are, you either roll in it or fight your soul away proving that you're not. Shelter takes hir job seriously and has no energy to waste on people who've already made up their minds. By hir side is what appears to be a very large, round bird. People who mistake him for a pet tend to have very short lifespans.

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Challenge #03897-J245: Chasing Hearts

A: “You know Ryan? The one I usually race with? Apparently he’s the fastest one in our group and been letting me win all this time. I feel conflicted.”

B: “Ani, I’ll be completely straight with you with a guy perspective. There’s only two reason why he would do that. 1: He likes seeing your smile when you win. 2: He was starting at your ass the entire time.”

A: “Wait, he likes how I smile?!” -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #03838-J186: Pax Nuptias or Pax Infernus

The two want to wed, their countries are at war, their love, forbidden. Then they get the idea of how to end the war. Pretend to suggest political marriages, pretend to be reluctant, trick their families to do what will end the war, and allow their love. -- Anon Guest

There'd been far fewer wars since Pax Infernus began. The nations fearful of the Demon Lord resorted to icy politeness and sports matches. Wars of words carried on between bitter enemies, florid

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Challenge #03364-I076: Disparity of Experience

A person develops an immense crush on Wraithvine and starts following hir around trying to ask them out on a date. -- Anon Guest

Love, as the Bards frequently say, is strange. Many people take it for a game. Not Wraithvine. Bernhardine Mev really should have known that. She also should have known that when a Human falls for an Elf, it never ends well for the Elf. It never ends well for the Human, either, but it generally takes them all

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Challenge #03266-H357: My World is Spring With You

Waking world you seem woven from the stuff of dreams, all shall fade away

Shifting seasons and elusive dreams, the ephemeral and fleeting, with thine companionship all are eternal. -- Anon Guest

Before anyone named him Kosh, he had never had a sound night's sleep. It had been a point of contention amongst his alleged caregivers as a child. Nobody wanted to believe that demon-kin like himself could have nightmares. Nobody could believe he would be disturbed by them so much that

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Challenge #03175-H266: A Universal Strength Check

"""" *Standing a pace behind her, perhaps trying to glitter a little too much, was another Tiefling. She wore saffron and wore it well against skin so dark a blue it was almost black. She had her hair net bedecked with little gemstone flowers and her eyes... Her eyes were a softly-shining emerald green.

He was dumbstruck and staring as Mrs Aarincourt introduced Radiance Juniper Daffodil Palmire.

"Breathe," suggested Mrs Aarincourt, just as Jubilation was viewing Radiance through a greying tunnel.

He did,

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Challenge #03059-H136: Reaching Out -- Anon Guest

[AN: That's definitely Weird Al singing... Video shows a clip from an animated series called Milo Murphy's Law in which a boiler turns into a rocket and propels a group seated on a toboggan through a series of unlikely locations]

The wreckage was what only Humans and other Deathworlders could class as "survivable". Several things were going wrong in rapid succession. Rob didn't even know it was Del until long after they

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Challenge #03000-H077: Scheherezade III

I can't help it, I gotta know, how DO people react at the royal event seeing the twins together? -- DaniAndShali

Viceroy Jubilation Araveth Falsworth Merrimine could always tell when the rest of the room spotted his brother, Apprehension. It was not quite a universal gasp, but there was a definite chorus of indrawn breaths. Usually from the gallery of those waiting to see who was whom as they arrived. Then the musicians would stutter to

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Challenge #02086-E262: Love on Lo Batt

"I don't know how to get home,"

"But you walked there yourself, just walk back the way you came,"

"Just because I managed to blindly stumble into the right building doesn't mean I have any idea where I am or how I got here." -- OohLookShiny

"What?" Blue made a face. It was a face that could easily be read as What the hell? because the print was so large.

Red sighed. "It's like this. My mind is constantly somewhere else. It's

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Challenge #01972-E148: Secret Curse

Earworms, those inane or catchy little tunes that play endlessly inside your head. Good defence against telepaths though. -- Anon Guest

If there was a worse curse you could give to a human, Rache couldn't imagine one much worse than telepathy. Sure, people could look past ugly. They could ignore venomously mean and frequently did. They could, eventually, believe that disabled didn't necessarily mean worthless. But telepathy? That was a living hell.

Human minds are chaos. There's conscious thought, subconscious thought, and

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Challenge #01856-E032: Hungry Love

“How do you sleep at night knowing you stole my bento?” -- YYHFanfiction

"With... a... full stomach?" said Akiko. "It's not my fault your boy can't tell us apart."

"He's not my boy," Chou sighed. "It's not our fault we're that hungry, either, it's just... Might have been nice if you saved me a taste."

They walked together through the streets. Keeping an eye out for anything useful. Anything they could sell for a few more yen. Looking at them, nobody could

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Challenge #01743-D282: Absence Makes...

"Ugh, I never would have made any friends if I knew I was gonna waste so much time missing them when they're away." -- OohLookShiny

If there was any one, universal truth to the tragedy of Jarik's life, it was this: Everyone leaves.

Ze was orphaned young. A disaster that ze couldn't remember and that politicians denied being to blame for for years afterwards. After the disaster was a fact of hir life. Always moving. Never calling any place home. Months spent

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Challenge #01488-D027: Unrealised, Unrequited, Unrecognised

“If [he][1] was unable to see that I had feelings for him (at least five, but sometimes as many as seven)…” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Lyr watched Ambassador Shayde attempting to flirt with Rael. The impossible force against an oblivious stone. There had been more than one instance of interspecies dating that floundered heavily on the sending a signal stage. And not merely because of cultural difference. Subconscious body-speak could cause the most inconvenient miscommunications.

One species' flirting is another's

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Challenge #01425-C330: Corrupted Signals

Truly showing someone you love them. -- RecklessPrudence

Mating displays in the common human are more than perplexing. Subtle signs of affection are usually missed and overt signals of hostility are misinterpreted. The dominating culture of an individual can lead to confusion when meeting an individual from another...

"Hey babe."

"I'm working." Kiri didn't even look up from her work. Didn't acknowledge him.

"All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl," said Don. He thought he was being flirtatious. She

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Iris and Peter Get Married (Eventually) [pt 43]

Chapter Forty-three
(Epilogue, The Steam Man Band, Delilah returns from the dead, and The persistence of sandwiches)

Duo and Trike held fast to her hands as she entered the side stage door. They giggled to see their automaton brothers playing music on the stage.

“There’s Pappy,” chirped Duo. He was, after all, hard to miss. Still a gangly giant of a man, pale as a sheet and sporting blue-black hair.

“Pappy!” Trike broke away and ran for his father.

Colonel Walter

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