Challenge #03059-H136: Reaching Out -- Anon Guest

[AN: That's definitely Weird Al singing... Video shows a clip from an animated series called Milo Murphy's Law in which a boiler turns into a rocket and propels a group seated on a toboggan through a series of unlikely locations]

The wreckage was what only Humans and other Deathworlders could class as "survivable". Several things were going wrong in rapid succession. Rob didn't even know it was Del until long after they came to a safe halt, miles from the crash site. He just helped hir up onto the plate of a hull piece and more or less fell on top of hir when something went bang.

There was no way to steer, no hope of directing their path anywhere. In fact, it was sheer luck that had them headed on a reverse vector to the stricken ship's path through plant life, stone structures and, of course, soil. It was a minor miracle that they came to a slow halt after skipping like a stone across a lake.

Now that there was time to breathe, the both of them were doing so in access, sitting up and taking stock in all possible directions in case something else came off the wreck of the Cruise Ship Hesperus while they were still celebrating their survival. Only after they had moderate shelter from the still-raining debris did Rob noticed who he was with.

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