Thursday, Day 0, Scams Awareness

One new case, an import. Sixteen active cases and fourteen of them are in hospital. It's more or less holding steady.

I've only got today's scam and next week's to share. After that, it will be whatever crosses my path. I'm a cynical old B so it's going to be a hard time even getting me to look at the hook.

I have a busy weekend happening for me. Beloved is making noises like we will be programming together... also MeMum needs more How To Smartphone lessons because a surprise blackout left her unable to press the number on the keypad.

In the news:

  • Speaking of the blackout, a power station blew up in MeMum's neck of the woods (she's fine)
  • This has made the power people call for (wait for it) MORE COAL POWER because obviously the solution to something blowing up is to have more of that happening 9_9
  • Eddie McGuire claims he has contacts on the inside so he can call a lockdown before anyone else
  • UK PM's former advisor slams Boris Johnson for mishandling the plague outbreak
  • University chair questions the value of long lockdowns in the middle of a fucking plague outbreak
  • Shooter in San Jose opened fire on a union meeting and is now dead. Passive voice continues, so my bullshit sensors are redlining
  • Woman accidentally takes a bath for 16 hours, is terrified by what happened to her feet
  • Dude bungees a tub to a wheel so he can do laundry while driving. People call this brilliant for some reason (I call it dangerously unsafe)
  • Lady scammer who stole children finally waiting her sentence
  • Aussie iron ore set to drop in price
  • CEO who called workers operating at home "parasites" is now backpedalling so fast she could win the Tour De France

Let's get on with my nonsense.