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Thursday, Day 0, Last Scam So Far

Plague News: One new case, an import. Total cases at fourteen and thirteen are in hospital.

Today, I cover the robot of "justice": Crime Bot. Anyone who's answered an unfamiliar number in recent days will be familiar with this nonsense. Not a lot of amusement to be had in getting it. Though there is their pitiful attempt to sound like an authority.

Today, also, we're getting the last step in the bathroom fix. A false pillar to disguise the downpipe from the sink. I have mentioned multiple times that I would like it waterproof so it doesn't rot like the old vanity. I trust the tradie knows what he's doing... this time.

The people who built my house were a bunch of cowboys, apparently.

In the news:

  • Victorians suffering under their fourth lockdown
  • ScoMo's giving out 1.5K to some people. Likely the people who need it least
  • Pentagon's unleashing some stuff they know about UFOs
  • 17YO beats Usain Bolt's fastest time and OF FUCKING COURSE the white journo chronicling this calls a POC a "specimen". Yay. Gold fucking star on that racial sensitivity fail
  • Aldi unleashes a new cheese
  • New plan for the power station that blew up - turn it into a battery!
  • Public transit costs are going up because plague
  • House prices are beyond the reach of many
  • Muppet's personal blog "social media platform" has gone private
  • TikTok dad has some fab Devon recipes
  • Costco Melbourne is yet another plague vector
  • Male hotel guest battered a receptionist to death for (drumroll) smiling at him. Dude needs some serious psychological help

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense.

Thursday, Day 0, Scams Awareness

One new case, an import. Sixteen active cases and fourteen of them are in hospital. It's more or less holding steady.

I've only got today's scam and next week's to share. After that, it will be whatever crosses my path. I'm a cynical old B so it's going to be a hard time even getting me to look at the hook.

I have a busy weekend happening for me. Beloved is making noises like we will be programming together... also MeMum needs

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Thursday, Day 0, Scam-awareness Day

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total, with fourteen in hospital. Given the way the numbers have been going, I'm betting that's four people in recovery in the quarantine hotels.

Today's scam article will be about one that nearly got me. Stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, I have a smol's birthday to ponder and she's at that late stage of childhood where she refuses to enjoy anything that's "too childish". We may let her decree what's happening for her special day.


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Challenge #01946-E122: Strangers With Candy

TANSTAAFL, or "Invest in Acme income Management, returns of 50 to 70%" Yeah! Right! -- Anon Guest

[AN: For those who don't have familiarity with ancient acronyms, this one stands for, "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"]

Lee Arr and Fred DeShanko were at it again. She recognised the pattern, even though their names weren't easily found in the pamphlet.

Step One: Latch on to some fringe science or stuff so far out on the cutting edge that it's

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Challenge #01944-E120: Detect Trap

If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a con. -- Anon Guest

Exciting opportunities were to be found in the Callibreso Void, according to the promotional puff piece. A new force was being investigated that could be a natural form of anti-gravity, as opposed to the gravity generators that were the sole responsibility and product of the Nae'hyn. If it could be isolated and harnessed, then it would be a new revolution in propulsion technology. You, too, could get

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spx: thebicker: red3blog: alexheberling: Encik Farhan is a scammer. He backs projects, pledging hundreds or thousands of dollars at the...





Encik Farhan is a scammer.  He backs projects, pledging hundreds or thousands of dollars at the highest tier, and then disputes the credit card charges 1-3 months later, often after his rewards have been shipped.

He pledged $1000 to my campaign, and a few days after I posted an update that backer rewards were being shipped, he filed a charge dispute with his credit card company.  I’m still waiting for the outcome of my appeal, but if

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