Thursday, Day 0, Scam-awareness Day

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total, with fourteen in hospital. Given the way the numbers have been going, I'm betting that's four people in recovery in the quarantine hotels.

Today's scam article will be about one that nearly got me. Stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, I have a smol's birthday to ponder and she's at that late stage of childhood where she refuses to enjoy anything that's "too childish". We may let her decree what's happening for her special day.


  • Rockets launched between Palestine and Israel
  • Muppet gloating now that one of his critics has lost her job
  • Moderna announces a deal with Australia
  • 730K families not helped by the new budget at all
  • Tourism industry wants Australia to stop wanting zero plague cases
  • Ex-girlfriend of Ultra Tune founder uses the Bart Simpson defence - "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, so you can't prove anything"
  • New cryptocoin steals business from dogecoin

Meh. I get on with getting on.