Challenge #03044-H121: Unclean! Unclean!

Militant vegans, for years after she managed to escape their world, attempt to kidnap Harro, and later their children, and their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to "pay for crimes against their world". Each time they try, they're stopped rather firmly and placed into prison. Good thing Harro, and their family, are quite fierce about self-defense and have a lot of defenders. The militant vegans, within their cells, and the ones from their homeworlds, both refuse to accept their "heros" have committed crimes and are prison for it, and that each kidnap attempt is going to wind each kidnapper into the prisons as well. It's hard to rehab those with such closed minds. -- DaniAndShali

Usually, when these things happen, the polity they belong to declares their actions to be that of a "lone wolf" with or without any other adjectives. However, Plabari does not believe in wolves, canids, or other carnivores. Therefore, their turn of phrase is "wild ungulate". Not that they have many of those in their polity either. They went extinct for some reason after the wild lands were all turned to croplands that were protected from unwanted herbivores.

Never let it be said that a Plabari can draw a line between "cause" and "effect". That would spoil everything that they've been working for. If they encounter no proof that a fully vegan lifestyle is not possible for all living things, then they can't have an existential crisis. And for those who would defy the clean and pure way of life? The only answer is death.

Thusly, Plabari Jens has gone out to become a wild ungulate and strike a blow for justice. The offending filthy carnivore, Harro Silentfoot was no longer able to be found, then one of her descendants would do. They could still be found. Jens picked the nearest one and took the shortest possible path to where they lived. It was quite a shock to discover that the Cogniscent Rights Committee intercepted her "for questioning."

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