Amalgam Station

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Challenge #01518-D057: Hazards of Companionship

...well... thank you... I was suffering from a shortage of waking up screaming, this should help for the next month. -- RecklessPrudence

Humans are the most advantageous crewmembers to have. Especially in what they insist on calling 'crunch time'. They will walk, or run, into danger and saunter back out again with barely a scratch. They are fiercely protective of any being they view as part of their pack, insanely profitable to have in a ship's crew, and invariably adaptable.

They're also indomitable, indispensable, and doubtlessly insane.

Case in point, the human that the crew of the Probing Feeler had nicknamed 'Fluffy'. His actual name had too many S's and F's for the mouth-parts of the insectoid crew. Since the Probing Feeler was a science vessel, it had a higher likelihood of finding trouble before it was lost. And the human named Fluffy was in the thick of it.

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Challenge #01513-D052: A Lucky Escape From Grebnak 5

"Is that going to blow up?"

"Well, I mean, only if i mess up, " -- OohLookShiny

"Hwell," sighed Ax'and'l, "put the concoction down."

"Relax, I know what I'm doing."

"I will not relax, I have fifteen near-death encounters as evidence in my favour." Ax'and'l considered those past incidents, "Including seven where you said you knew what you were doing."

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I found a blank art book, so I’m drawing my universe.It’s not like anyone else is doing it.I’m still working on all the...

I found a blank art book, so I’m drawing my universe.

It’s not like anyone else is doing it.

I’m still working on all the detail of the station. Trying to make it look like it was patched together out of whatever was close at the time.

Amalgam Station is technically in Cuidgari space, being in the Kuiper-belt range of the Cuidgari Primary Solar System. It has, however, had numerous owners in its expansion-pack past…

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Challenge #00361: Stupid Mammals.

*irritated muttering* ¬†"… Stupid mammals and their ability to function regardless of temperature….“


The desire to hibernate was strong, but in this environment, the desire to hibernate could kill. This place was permanently cold. They would sleep and never wake up.

The ship’s human knew this. Given their species-inherent desire to eliminate the Other, the surprising part was how they did not use the current situation to win.

The captain watched in amazement and torpor, as

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Chalenge #00358: O...MG Tannenbaum

“How did you even get a live pine tree onto the space station?”

“Uh… the Magic of Christmas?”

It was sixteen Standard Distance Units tall. It was coated in sparkling lights, then coated again in shiny metallic fronds of tinsel, then covered in small, shiny objects, then covered in bows. And then, to top things off, whoever covered it over in all of this thought that that wasn’t enough, and started all over with the

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Challenge #00329: Old Wars, New Combattants

Getting inventive with the dress code

There is a Galactic adage: if you want something done, tell a human it’s impossible.

Kasib Campbell had purchased the JOAT conglomerate and decided to begin bringing order to the naturally chaotic JOATs at Amalgam Station.

Shayde, somehow always by his side, was seething. She’d tried to warn him, and he’d dismissed it as one of her many mental disorders. But, right now, in this room, a Campbell had come

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Challenge #00276: Peck of Dust, Dust, Dust...


People tend to think about the big things, when it comes to the perils of space travel. Meteors. Solar flares. Stresses on the air tanks. Sparks in unwanted places.

Few ever ponder that a crew might encounter trouble with their own epithelial cloud.

Five year missions were the maximum, after the trouble had been discovered, of course. People who got dandruff either had to shave (carefully!), vacuum, or pass on the idea of going into space in the first place.


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Challenge #00266: Non-hostile Takeover

What ended the assassination attempts on Fawn Jackson? – Weirdlet

After she bought Main Security, she used a shell company to purchase the competitors. Kept them intact, but rearranged their priorities for the greater good.

Fawn Jackson was beginning to gain a controlling interest.

And the assassins weren’t even getting close.

She was doing almost the exact opposite of what the Executives and Pundits insisted was the correct way to manage large sums. And worse, her actions were stimulating the

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Challenge #00265: Pour Encourager Les Autres.

What finally prompted the start of assassination attempts on Fawn Jackson? – Wierdlet

“Sooner or later,” they said, “she is going to mess up.”

“The lure of wealthy living,” they said, “will make her one of us.”

“She can’t possibly rework the system with what little she has,” they said, “she’s going to crash and burn.”

And on the off chance that she might not act

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Didn't We Already Fix That?!

A recurrence.


“Hey, check this out,” the fellow queuer passed over a pamphlet.

It was the immunoflu update, naming the diseases that the adjusted virus would protect the infected from.

A pointing finger indicated the anomaly. “What the heck is measles?”

“I know, right? That’s like… some weird human name or something.”

“Yes, but viruses have taxonomic names,” she argued. “For something to have a common name, it has

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Challenge #00239: Elemental, my dear...

Following someone around wearing a deerstalker and peering through a magnifying glass, whilst deducing things. With someone named Sherlock around, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Bonus points for an exasperated Watson getting dragged along.

Eridite Watson passed from transitory population zones to residential in a cloud of chemicals. She dutifully breathed in the immunoflu, after breathing out her own local germs for Medical to catalogue as harmless. All before she put her clothes back on.

At least they

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Challenge #00228: Ancient Terran Tradition


Of course it happened during Silly Season, the quasi-annual event where all humans just spontaneously went more crazy than normal. Or what passed for normal amongst humans.

Rael, of course, expected some blame. Somehow, being attached as chief translator to a being like Shayde on a strictly working basis meant that he was also capable of controlling her actions.

Sherlock, at least, understood that someone like Shayde was not in the least bit controllable and should have been registered as

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Challenge #00227: On the Disposal of Sex Aids

“I don’t know why you thought this was such a good idea!”

They sat in Hwell’s personal space like the ancient mariner’s albatross. Everywhere they went, everyone knew what they were for. And renting a kitchen to experiment was not in his budget.

He managed to sell a few, anyway. Mostly for their original purpose by shy creatures who spoke in low voices and urgently shoved money in his hands before running away with

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Challenge #00205: Letter and Spirit of the Law

I found a line worthy of one of yours in a fanfic, and just had to submit it.

“That’s one of the most…¬†creative¬†interpretations of regulations I’ve heard since one of my old chief engineers got caught with a feather boa, a hog-monkey, and six dancing girls.”

 - Embers, Vathara (highly recommended, but long and involving AtLA fic)

Hwell woke up to a face full of orange plastic and his own drool. The light

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Challenge #00201: A Kiss of Home

“ How long has it been since I’ve stood in the rain? ”

Lyr could only predict that the individual who called herself Shayde would ‘bring trouble’ if they let her out of her isolated environment. However, since the genetechs had concocted and released a super immunoflu that once again vaccinated known populations against extinct diseases like measles, they had increasingly less reasons to keep her there.

Humans were considered insane by the larger populations of the galactic

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