Surprise Attack

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Challenge #03048-H125: They Don't Need Weapons

Anything can be a weapon if you’re reckless enough -- Anon Guest

[AN: For the unlimited version of this, check the collected works of Jackie Chan]

Humans. The aggressive warrior race who will go to any extreme to protect and enrich their pack. Any single one of them is capable of creating a phenomenal amount of destructive chaos on their enemy. When no weapons are available, they will create their own. Often in an instant. A fact not lost on anyone who's tried to go in against them with a mind to cause trouble.

Humans are well capable of making their own trouble. Those who give it to them are in for a world of hurt. The thieves of the trade routes thought that picking on lone transiteers with no obvious weaponry would land them an easy score. They were abominably wrong.

It should have been a swift hijack. Board the ship, incapacitate the pilot, and take any valuable cargo before running off to safety. They got as far as step one before they discovered some interesting facts that the rest of the Alliance had yet to learn the hard way.

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