Challenge #01518-D057: Hazards of Companionship

...well... thank you... I was suffering from a shortage of waking up screaming, this should help for the next month. -- RecklessPrudence

Humans are the most advantageous crewmembers to have. Especially in what they insist on calling 'crunch time'. They will walk, or run, into danger and saunter back out again with barely a scratch. They are fiercely protective of any being they view as part of their pack, insanely profitable to have in a ship's crew, and invariably adaptable.

They're also indomitable, indispensable, and doubtlessly insane.

Case in point, the human that the crew of the Probing Feeler had nicknamed 'Fluffy'. His actual name had too many S's and F's for the mouth-parts of the insectoid crew. Since the Probing Feeler was a science vessel, it had a higher likelihood of finding trouble before it was lost. And the human named Fluffy was in the thick of it.

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