Average, ordinary, everyday... disorder

So here's how things are going for me...

  • Shitty time getting to sleep, because:
  • Anxiety over the book being accepted
  • Anxiety over the animation/animatic I'm planning
  • Anxiety over whether or not the finished thing will get me hated and exiled over the fandom because someone thinks I want to make money about the thing
  • I have a tablet glove on the way and NOT being tracked by the Australian postal system
  • I have a neat fan-comic on the way that has just started its long and perilous journey to my sunburned country
  • Steam Powered Giraffe is doing cute and adorable things in their concerts with Bryan "Zero" Babarin and NOBODY IS SHARING1
  • My life is going around in circles and even my daily stories aren't earning a heck of a lot. Maybe the monotony of it all is getting to my readers. IDK.
  • So of course I think that I hit my peak and it's all downhill from here.
  • AND of course I'm having anxiety-related stiffness in the lungs and the first thing I thought of was: PEANUT POISONING! But no, my nails are nice and pink and I'm not having carb-related asthma woes.

Beloved has commenced waking up earlier so that there's shower time, and I will be following in suit, tomorrow. And most of this is because I managed to butt-dial erase my firkin morning alarm, sometime yesterday.

I just keep this amazing genius of mine going, don't I?

I also managed to injure myself on a food processor for the second time... which just goes to show that I'm more nervous about this than I appear to be. And I already appear to be pretty damn frantic about all this noise.

I'd make a Keto hot chocolate to calm down, but the lack of sleep has made me need caffeine again. So I have to be anxious and wired on caffeine.

Fun times. Fun times.

I have to think forward and believe there will be a point when all of this nonse is perfectly normal, streamlined, and smooth to the point where missing feedback is a minor annoyance.

But the first time? That's firkin terrifying.

  1. Like seriously, it's been over a month and I only saw the "boop" video JUST YESTERDAY.