Bad things I did, yesterday:

  • Talk up a big game about eating food but not actually make any
  • Consume half a packet of sugarless caramels
  • Stay up 'till eleven because laundry

The results from those bad things:

  • I'm frelling tired
  • I'm feeling a little weak [A bout of artificial sweetener-induced intestinal issues will do that to you]
  • I am not fully functioning

Worry not, dear readers, I did actually get two actual meals in. Breakfast care of the Coffee club, and bunless build-your-own Maccas for dinner.

So I officially have the wherewithal to go do the things I need to do. But just to be sure I'll have a coffee and something to munch on. Just in case.

Still no sign of rejection from the agent-to-be. I'm getting really nervous about this, now.

Could success be actually within my grasp? It seems impossible. Success is so very, very rarely mine.

I have a lot of running around, this morning. Update to follow.


There is an advantage to arriving at the Dept of Transport before the doors open. That being that your number is called real quick. Take note, people. Come prepared for a long wait and it just won't happen.

So now my new plates "I [heart symbol] KETO" are fully legal for my favourite zippy little car. Ask me about Keto and get infodumped at. Ask me about Steam Powered Giraffe and get geeked out at. Ask me about my writing and get adored.

This week is the last week of writing Beauties and the Beastly. Come Friday, I shall have a finished, unedited book on my hands. I shall get Beloved to help me go through my beta's notes on Adapting, spend a day or three on fanfic, proof-read Beauties and then send it out to my Beta Readers for further analysis.

Then I start work on my next book.

I have officially been Told by MeMum. Work ethic good, looking after myself is better. To that end, I'm trying to schedule in more opportunities for food. And I'm installing some safe snackage on my desk.

I actually found some veggie-oil-free roasted nuts at Coles [Hooray for Coles-brand!] which are actually roasted in peanut oil rather than that sunflower nonsense that is so, so, so very bad for people. They're 11g of carbs per 100g, so I am making sure I only get one dibble bowl full per day. But they're cheaper than Macadamias, so I'm less likely to get bent out of shape if someone bogarts some.

Keto has had some wonderful results for me and mine, but god damn it's hard to find good shit in the everyday shops.

And by the way, I got my Keto coffee in after I got home from the Dept of Transport plus going shopping for tonight's veggies and Chaos' fruit. The recipe now goes:

  • 2 pods of espresso ristretti
  • 2 tsp xylitol
  • 1 tsp pure cocoa
  • 1 drop caramel topping
  • Unsweetened almond milk to fill

I still have to do today's work yet. And thanks to this morning, I have to really go at it.

I will be eating, today, so there is that.