Challenge #03042-H119: Galactics Bearing Gifts

To make it easier for dereggers to escape oppression, several galactic traders begin to offer to build trading ports on deregger places that "will guarantee a great profit for the leadership" because the leaders won't have to pay for building the facility, and part of the fees the trading groups agree to pay for maintaining the places as well. Odd, though, the "security", while seeming to do their job, sure love to slack off! -- Lessons

The CRC had a loophole that helped immensely in helping oppressed Dereggers escape their tyrannical corporate overlords. So long as those overlords turned a profit per unit, they didn't actually give a crap about what happened to their human resources. Thus, the CEO's never questioned why the Galactics offered to build Alliance Standard Trading Stations in their space for free and then leased staff from the polities at an inflated price. It was a sweetheart deal and everyone knew the one about gift horses and mouths.

Fortunately for their citizens, they've forgotten about the one about Greeks and gifts. As the astute may have already guessed, all the stations the Alliance installed were Trojan Horses of the best kind. Instead of smuggling soldiers in, they were smuggling the trapped out. It will be quite some years before they realise this.

Indentured Servant 24601404 kept his head down and stayed out of trouble. When the CEOs told him to get in the shuttle, he got in the shuttle. Crammed in like the zardeens of legend with his fellow indentured. Standing room only. Please wait your turn to breathe. Don't ask questions, do what you're told, and pray you don't break a rule you've never heard of. Believe, implicitly, that if you keep your head down and work until you drop, that your ship will come in and you'll finally make it as one of the big shots.

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