Monday, Day 0, Late Start AAAAUUUUGH!

Three new cases, all imports. Nineteen total, of which fifteen are in hospital. That leaves four in the relative freedom of a quarantine hotel somewhere.

Today, my alarm didn't sound for some reason. I may have accidentally turned it off. I shall be more aware tomorrow. Maybe an "update" has eliminated the trick I use to mute the ads in my games but still hear the phone. Note, Google execs, that updates are supposed to improve things for your user base, not your clients. That is, assuming that it isn't my dumbarse fault.

So I had to scramble a bit to get Chaos pointed at school, but now scrambling is off the menu for the rest of today.

In the News:

  • Plague vector in Sydney has been identified, and apparently there's a reason why he went to like a million BBQ places before his diagnosis
  • Bert Newton is now an amputee
  • Putin's flexing with telegenic soldiers
  • Bible college that sheltered a sex offender is now under scrutiny
  • Warships on the move to shake sabres at China
  • Aldi holding a mega-sale
  • Black fungus now hitting plague patients in India
  • Tiger King star launches her own cryptocoin
  • Some dipshit blew up fifty schoolgirls in a stunning display of allegedly religion-oriented misogyny
  • Teacher caught having sex on Zoom
  • SciFi book written in 1952 predicts Musk will conquer Mars. I bet there's also ladies with brass bras in there too
  • Musk confesses to having ASD, so apparently that makes all his dick moves okay now
  • Australia is apparently "totally undefended"
  • Dogecoin tanks
  • Banks are telling people that crypto is a good way to lose all your money

So now I get on with the storytelling and house unfuckening.