Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Day

One new case, an import. Eighteen total, and seventeen in hospital. It's less than it was, but it could also get big again. Today's the day I should be googling bathroom rennos to get the vanity fixed in my slo-mo disaster area. Whee fun.

After I recover from THAT, I need to talk to the doctor's about getting the family jabbed against the plague and what would be best for Beloved (diabetic) and myself (asthmatic) as well as the kids (who have the potential for both). Yay.

But for now, for this morning, my loyal Patrons get whatever I have going that I can share. I just hope I have something because KOSBOB is trickling down its last chapter today.

In the news:

  • Some Aussies will be getting over $2K. Calling it now - it won't be the people who need it the most
  • Nurse accused of murdering eight babies
  • Tensions rise in Israel
  • Frenzy in Aldi over $20 bargain item
  • US Expat likes Aussie Macca's better than the Old Country's ones
  • Cancer risks for women with implants
  • Musk tanks on SNL, and then so does the crypto he backs
  • Your old money could be worth thousands

Onwards to the nonsense.