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Challenge #04190-K172: Balanced Out

A person with a really strong good luck gene keeps asking questions like "How bad could it possibly be?". And saying things like "Things could never get any worse" just to try to tempt fate. -- Fighting Fit

There is balance in the universe. For every death, there is life. For every darkness, there is a light. For every fortune, there is poverty. And for every good, there is something bad.

The forces of nature are said to dislike certain things, like a vaccuum. The deities apparently love fools. They made so many of them, after all.

What the Universe hates is people who say things like, "It can't get any worse," or, "What could go wrong?" Evidence suggests that the Universe will provide an answer. And for every misfortune, there is good luck.

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Challenge #04073-K055: Lucky Neighbours

In self-imposed exile, even with a beloved pet, a person can go slowly mad from loneliness. The world is lush, perfect for colonies. The first colonists to come down? A boat-load of GOOD luckers. Bad luck doesn't stand a chance. -- Anon Guest

In all the universe, there is a form of balance. For good luck, there is also bad luck. And, as many Humans know, some people have all the luck.

Those people are called

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Challenge #04034-K016: Balanced Beloved

I've a powerful case of good luck, my poor spouse has a severe case of bad luck. Together, we balance each other out and have a good, if not always peaceful, life. -- The New Guy

Do you know what a Lucker is? I bet a lot of people think it's the people who have insanely good luck. The people who have the cheat codes to the universe, if you will. It's not always that way. There are those who have good

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Challenge #03783-J130: We Lucky Crew

I'm a Lucker. I had the fantastic idea of only hiring other Luckers to crew my ship, so we could hunt pirates and collect the bounties on them. We're all Luckers, bad news for Pirates. But man, this is getting boring! -- DaniAndShali

Testing your luck isn't fun when you know it's certain. It's even less fun when there's like fifty people exactly like you manning a ship.

It's just... too easy.

No challenge. We're the luckiest bunch of bounty hunters in

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Challenge #03698-J045: Just Their Luck

Two good-luckers decide to come together play poker. The game lasts nearly a record length before they call it a draw. The watchers enjoyed it greatly! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I know fuck all about Poker. Also there's way more than two Luckers]

There are events that exist only for the spectacle. People gathered from all over just to see it happen live.

The Luckers were having a Poker match.

There were no prizes, because these were all Good Luckers. The favoured

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Challenge #03674-J021: If You Can Hear This...

"I will be honest with you. Pax Humanis is coming to haul you to court, your chances of escape are slim. What, they're sending a Humanis member that's a lucker? Turn yourself in, now, and spare yourself the pain. Your chances just became none." -- Fighting Fit

Humans are, possibly, the strangest Deathworlders known to intelligent life. Those weird little apes had a rough evolutionary path. They almost went extinct several times, and for at least one of those, it was self-induced.

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Challenge #03621-I333: Time Enough and Luck

The rather... unhappy Pax Humanis members, after letting the officially diagnosed lucker depart in peace with their winnings, which was legally gotten since the person didn't KNOW they were a lucker until now and, therefore, had not been breaking any rules, went to find the casino owner and teach them a lesson about judging others the wrong way. And about trying to get innocent people harmed. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That first sentence is too long

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Challenge #03446-I158: Lucky You

A rich idiot manages to trick a couple of Pax Humanis enforcers into going after an innocent whose only "crime" is that they're a Lucker who managed to win a lot of money off the rich idiot. Once the enforcers learn the truth, well, the idiot's lucky they got away with only a severe beating. -- Anon Guest

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Pax Humanis - they'll be lucky if they find your body.

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Challenge #03192-H283: A Bad Lucker's Best Friend

How do Deregulations keep popping up? Even in times when most galactic Cogniscients know that they are a generally bad idea.

The founding reason for this actually comes from Alliance law, what Terran lawyers call "quae non inhabitabantur planeta indici" or, for those that don't speak legalese, an uninhabited planet belongs to the discoverer.

In this instance though, it suited Phy just fine, an unclaimed planet in a quiet corner of space. Somewhere that ze and hir Biogen pet Porgy could live

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Challenge #03183-H274: That's Why a Duck

A geneticist looks into a way of splicing the good luck gene into bad-luckers. Using gene therapy as a way to try to turn around the lonely, painful, lives so many bad luckers are forced to exist within. -- Fighting Fit

The luck gene is a fickle, fickle beast. Some people get the worst luck whilst also being a living good luck charm for everyone around them. That's not the worst of it. Some are bad luck to a huge swathe of

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Challenge #03176-H267: Didn't Stand a Chance

She was a Lucker, a very strong one, but born in a Deregger polity. She was also very beautiful. As a beauty and a Lucker, she was forced against her will - purchased from her parents who were desperate for money - to marry the empire's CEO. However, using that luck, all his other wives and their children managed to escape into the gentle arms of the CRC. And within a few years, SHE ran the empire with him as his subordinate.

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Challenge #03131-H222: Artisinal Friend

They sat alone, quietly eating their meal. Their shoulders were slumped, their head was down, they had the forlorn look of a lonely, bereft, individual who'd completely given up on life itself. When a kind cogniscent tried to sit with them, they softly mumbled something apologetic and, quietly, obviously reluctantly, moved away to an even more distant, emptier, corner. The person went back to their friends, their eyes sad, filled with compassion.

"What did they say?"

"They said bad-luckers who cause their

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Challenge #03046-H123: To Win at a Loss

They are a good lucker, but a scoundrel. True they could be quite kind, benevolent even, but they loved breaking the rules and getting into mischief. They'd been kicked out of more casinos than they cared to count, and had been escorted from stations more than a few times for bilking people for their time via gambling. After all, it's hard to catch a lucker at such antics if you don't know they're a lucker!

Then they met a bad lucker whose

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Challenge #02972-H049: Don't Tell Them the Odds

The dereggers had managed to get a licence to run casinos in space that was, technically, Alliance space, but was so far from the beaten path that the CRC had trouble keeping an eye on things. There's where Lucky as people called him, came in. He was a lucker with only a single real talent. He never lost a bet. Didn't matter if it was cards, dice, board games, slot machines, whatever, he never lost. So, when it became clear just how

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Challenge #02939-H016: Congratulations on Your New Cat

Well all know those pets. The ones that, no matter what you do, they cling to you like barnacles to a ship's hull. Cats, especially, can get like that when they get attached. In a station where they tend to send bad-luckers and people they deem "undesirable", a little ray of hope and comfort comes in the case of a ship. In the hold, several strays that had been using the hold as their hideout manage to wander on board. And now

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