Challenge #02972-H049: Don't Tell Them the Odds

The dereggers had managed to get a licence to run casinos in space that was, technically, Alliance space, but was so far from the beaten path that the CRC had trouble keeping an eye on things. There's where Lucky as people called him, came in. He was a lucker with only a single real talent. He never lost a bet. Didn't matter if it was cards, dice, board games, slot machines, whatever, he never lost. So, when it became clear just how crooked and underhanded these places in, a whisper or two in his ear, and he was off to have some fun. -- DaniAndShali

Deregulation Far South East had done everything by the book, which raised a lot of red flags. Dereggers hated obeying the laws and ordinances of Alliance space and them playing by the rules was a sure sign that they were up to something. Not that Deregger CEO's and Executive Quadrillionaires are ever not up to something.

The trick was in the area they were building the casino station. A little out-of-the-way station and planetoid in an area that the CRC had immense difficulty policing. Close enough to lure the well-to-do, but far enough away that the already-stretched agents would be hard pressed to monitor any shenanigans the Dereggers were up to.

So they put the word out in certain corners of the infonets. It only took a week, but Galactic citizens who visited noted the signs of stressed employees and one got "creatively lost" to take secret snaps of the employee accommodations. That was when "Lucky" Ambrose Luci stepped in.

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