Monday, Day 1, Adjustment Time

The case count's down to eleven and I am once again waiting for it to dwindle down towards five. Please.

I'm back on my usual writing nonsense but also growing resilience when seated in the kneeling chair. I'm getting there.

Also, it's cleaning day today.

In the news:

  • New sex assault letter penned by friends of a victim surfaces. Looks like ScoMo's in trouble for the company he keeps
  • 1980's assault claim won't gain justice because it's aged out of being a crime
  • Search continues for conwoman's remains and theories are coming out of the woodwork
  • Vaccine rollout hits stumbling blocks, possibly related to improper storage and jab wasting as a result
  • Muppet's minions ruining the GOP for everyone. Yay?
  • It's cyclone season! Yay?
  • Now Labor MP's are getting sex assault claims. Should'a kept it in your pants, boys
  • Surgeon appears mid-work on zoom call for court, judge calls zoom recess
  • KFC employee fired for using homophobic slur. Yay
  • Domestic abuse survivor the first person to receive a second face transplant
  • Tiktok captures Aussie dude carrying a snake through suburbia
  • China has a "scary" master plan for Aus
  • Muppet's tax records about to go public
  • Aldi made a mistake in not letting people order online

Onwards to the usual madness.