Day One

A 11-post collection

Friday - Day One

My flour did not arrive in the post, so I've fed my Starters and prepared The Bikkie as if we definitely had enough bread [two loaves only in the freezer makes me a smidge nervous] and hoping it arrives before next Friday, because the only flour I have left are skerricks. I may have to make an expedition to get some organic flour elsewhere.

Time will tell.

Today, Mayhem is out to the place made to help him so he can gain some employment and regular income. Apparently, the commissions he's been getting have paid for his phone charges, but he's realised that "regular and reliable" are more important than "just for now". Yay?

With a wage, he can also get pro lessons and get his driving license at last. Which means that he'll have total freedom to go wherever, do whatever, and spend on whatever. Except, you know, the old capitalist trap of working for the wages and paying the bills.

In the headlines:

  • Terror attacks in France include a woman being beheaded in a church
  • New economic figures allegedly make the Muppet look good
  • Two 14YOs vanish from their homes in Sydney
  • Biden makes a play for a Repugnican stronghold state
  • Vegan cafe in Sydney declares itself a "safe space" for fans of the Muppet, cops backlash
  • China starts spreading lies about Australia in a possible attempt to tank our tourism industry
  • One writer says the Muppet will win regardless
  • Votes by mail going missing is more likely than voter fraud by mail
  • 14YO Russian girl too scared to reveal pregnancy left her baby in a freezer to die
  • Family attempted to cross the English Channel, boat overturned and they're all presumed dead
  • Failed businessman's trophy home is a white elephant the bank can't get rid of
  • Woman orders batteries from Woolies, gets a loaf of bread [that she's allergic to] and gets snarky about it on TikTok
  • English woman receives random act of kindness in the form of food for her family
  • Key documents in the quarantine hotel inquiry are still "missing"
  • The baby that started the Qatar controversy still raging to this day was apparently alive when found
  • Drunk driver in QLD found with kids riding without seatbelts, one in the boot
  • Fight to save sacred trees in Victoria now goes to court. AFTER one of the sacred trees has already been felled
  • Tennis ball hail hammered Toowoomba, more to come this Summer

There's a thick fog this morning, so we're going to get snorter heat and maybe a big thunderstorm tonight.

Monday - Day One

This is the week that I go duck hunting. I'm going to get those little quackers in line for Miss Chaos' admission into the NDIS if it firkin kills me. This, in turn, means a potential week of phone tag with her case manager. Yay.

I spent ALL WEEKEND downloading Baldur's Gate 3, and its associated character creator. I'll be playing with that after I'm done with my shenanigans for today.

Thusly, the PLN is:

  1. Write stuff whilst waiting for 9AM
  2. Once
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Sunday - Cake Day - Day One

Happ borth two mi. Yes I spelled it like that on purpose. It's my birthday, I can do what I like so ner.

It's forty-eight trips around the sun, today. I asked my Beloved for a little camera I can attach to my gaming compy for potential gamer vid purposes... and now there is a worryingly table-sized package sitting in mock innocence in the dining room.

I am having a concern.

The Muppet has gone to hospital with his plague case and

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Tuesday - Day One

Second Tuesday of the holidays and the magnifying glass is turning towards a specific area in Western Australia as a concerning cluster that seems to be recirculating the plague. Fun. Our last case may have come from there.

A woman in Melbourne has no idea how a tapeworm got into her brain. For real and the blaming of foreigners is right there in the article. Me? I would be looking into whether or not she's one of those weirdoes who eats 'rare'

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Wednesday - Day One

No new cases and a lot of running around on my schedule today. Mayhem has a doctor's appointment. We need to buy cat food. I also need to pop into Spotlight and get hold of some florists' wire to fix the catwalk because the pool carpet is slipping.

Stick a broom up my butt and I can sweep the floor on the way.

In the news:

  • Muppet doubles down on claiming the plague was created and unleashed on purpose by China
  • Sweden
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Saturday - Day One

No new cases. I breathe. I also continue to count down for the last week of Brisbane's anti-lockdown protests causing more lockdown. China continues to show how strong it is by threatening the entire world around it and the Muppet continues to be an idiot in regards to maintaining his hold on his tinfoil crown.

He's been called out repeatedly on just letting US citizens die so he could reap the rewards from the market boost.

It's all a clusterfuck. I have

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Thursday - Day One!

Health officials are saying "keep the borders closed," whilst business-minded folks are yelling for our Premier's head for doing that. Even Sweden has called out the nonsense surrounding their "example" in which so many people died for the Great Bull God.

ScoMo will only be allowed

There's a Karen out there who legit threw down with an elderly man over an essentially worthless pencil topper in the vague shape of a Disney franchise personality. That's pretty close to Peak Karen behaviour.


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Friday - Day One at Last!

Woo! Now I know there's going to be ten-ish days before the protests in Brisbane spark an outbreak, but I am still celebrating the small victories. One day without anyone on the Karen Squad stirring shit. That's a win.

Not winning today:

  • Woman escapes quarantine in Spain while infected to go to the beach. She also dropped her kid off at school. Way to go, Karen. This is why we can't have nice things
  • Sweden's alleged "success" with the virus cost them
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Saturday - Day One!

Finally and at last. One. DAY. With zero nonsense from the Karen Squad, anyone related to the Karen Squad, or anyone within six degrees of anything the Karen Squad might have breathed on.

I still remember when we were within two days of Day Fourteen. All the same, this morning's news. is a relief from all the Day Zeroes that have been happening.

Here's to many more days of no plague.

Yesterday had me all over everywhere. I learned about ReTurn -

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There Shall Be Bread

(Music notes) So put your little hand in mine/ there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb...

It's Day One once over again and public outcry has forced the government to allow farmer's markets to remain open even during a whole lot of plague.

Sing the chorus with me: This is how new outbreaks happen, you ignorant firkin sods.

I swear to the Powers That Be, the world is going to end through the actions of the Wilfully Ignorant. We need

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Day 1, once more around again

The three cases yesterday were all from outside. One already in isolation and the other two out on a boat. I don't know if they're staying there, but it's apparently a big boat and a small crew. Huzzah.

...I guess.

However, there's also Melbourne. In Melbourne, now that the numbers are crawling below 500, they seem to think that the plague is over again. This has lead to crowds of shoppers and people casually violating social distancing rules. Which, I am certain

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