Day One

A 23-post collection

Sunday, Day One, Sigh

Twenty-one active cases, but no new infections. Huzzah? Meanwhile, the USA narrowly avoided being on fire by today. The Repugnicans in office attempted to identify the rioters as "antifa", which makes in now officially code for "anyone the right wing finds currently inconvenient". Whoops.

Several arrests have already been made. Turns out that the Capitol police who were off duty were in the rioting crowd. No firkin wonder the ones on duty treated the rioters with kid gloves.

There needs to be a solid dose of actual justice in the US. Rounding up all these racist arsehats and truly divining how dangerous they are for everyone else's freedom.

"Your freedom to swing your fists ends at my face."


Let's glimpse at the headlines:

  • Iran's ability to make nukes apparently at 90%
  • The seditious riots in the Capitol were, apparently, just the start
  • Plane that vanished may have crashed, as debris has been found
  • Muppet Minions arrested in droves. That's what you get by publishing selfies whilst committing crimes
  • Muppet Minions in office explain that if they all put up opposition to Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo, then the impeachment can't go ahead. Nevermind that this clusterfuck is worse than Watergate...
  • New plague rule, if you test positive, you are to remain in quarantine for a fortnight
  • Dude who made a joke instagram of his shopping list slammed for depriving others of stuff they might need

The aftermath and how everyone deals with it is going to cast a LONG shadow on the future.

Monday, Day One, Once more around again

Today, I am unfuckening the house. Today, I may get as far as transferring all my open tabs to Firefox because it's one of the few browsers that doesn't sell my data to the highest bidder. I already have search engines that actually do some good in the world, so I might as well complete the process.

Now all I need is a cloud drive not run for profit and I'll be set.

I'd be writing all my books in Novlr if

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Monday, Day One, a breather

The grand post-crimbolio unfuckening is happening tomorrow. This means that I'll be arranging all of that and mixing in Patreon stuff as well.


I may have to throw out food. Not my favourite thing. The rest of the family is not a fan of sweet things and the sweet things are going off.


I'm going to write an Instant. I may post some Patreon nonsense early. I don't know. I'll see how I feel about things when I get there.

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Wednesday, Day One, Hunkering

Tomorrow, I am unfuckening the house, then going on a cross-country expedition to bring MeMum over for the holiday. The story will happen later, if I don't manage to squeeze it in before I take off.

Fully expect to not see it until WAY later in the day. Yuletide traffic is always a bitch. I can try to keep it brief, but you should all know by now that the story takes me where it wants to go and if that happens

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Sunday, Day One, PLNs

Toasty did some lovely work towards their planned fid Days which is allegedly lower effort than Lion. Allegedly. I swear they spent twenty minutes figuring out gradients for one frame. Much distraction was had and given by all.

It happens that way sometimes.

Sometimes, you need to faff about to get a great idea. Sometimes, you just need to chill. This morning was one of those times for Toasty. It may be one of those mornings for me. I can't tell from

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Monday, Day One, Lurgified

Let's be clear. There have been no community transmissions of the plague in Queensland for well over a month. That said, I have some variety of communicated crud and I am not going to be That One Karen to actually cause more problems than I aim to solve.

The caveat... If I want to go to the quack's about it, I have to phone up. Can't book with the app when you got lurgi symptoms. I get it. They need to prepare.

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Thursday, Day One, School Hols

Miss Chaos is no longer required to operate on a schedule. Which means that... she was up and full of beans at the usual hour to be so.

I had assumed my own sleeping hours being frelled to hell. What with being awake during some horribly small hours in the morning, before going back to bed. Surprise surprise, I woke up at a little past six. Wow.

I may function better on a weird series of naps. Pity they don't gel with

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Tuesday, Day One, Patreon

I owe my Patrons some content, starting with arranging the trickle-down of KOSBOB from $15 and down into the $1 tier. It's more or less a patience thing with my Patreon setup. Feedback on what could improve things for folks would help. Alas, I have a silent following.


I will be doing some research as where to source certain things I would like to have included in the yule feast.

Let's peek at the news:

  • China demands ScoMo "kowtow" in thrilling
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Saturday, Day One, I should try to chill

The spreader case in Adelaide once again employed the "genius" tactic of lying to the track and trace people. Something he would not be punished for because that sort of bullshit is still not a crime.

The fuck?


I finished KOSBOB and am veering away from anything at all related to looking at novel writing until after the week is done, and even then I'm seeing how I feel about it by then.

I'm waiting for the fire in my heart

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Monday, Day One, and Schadenfreude

This morning comes with some interesting news, such as the fact that the Muppet has himself some impending legal and financial trouble following his exit from the Whitehouse.

He thinks he can give himself a full pardon for everything. The people who know more about it say "lol nope". It's never been attempted before, and the Muppet's got just enough hubris to try.

Today's PLN includes unfucking the house, some more words into KOSBOB, and of course the daily tale.

Let's look

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Tuesday - Day One and Shenanigans

The coels were wurruping this morning, so it's for sure going to rain. My cyclone headache continues and we're out of ibuprofen. Gotta go and get some more in bulk from a convenient chemist somewhere in my shenanigans.

Because today, I am due to do the shrink visit again so that's my window of opportunity. Also because Scatterbrain, I will be working on my Instant on my Lappy. Fingers crossed, I get things done before I must get moving. If not, though,

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Friday - Day One

My flour did not arrive in the post, so I've fed my Starters and prepared The Bikkie as if we definitely had enough bread [two loaves only in the freezer makes me a smidge nervous] and hoping it arrives before next Friday, because the only flour I have left are skerricks. I may have to make an expedition to get some organic flour elsewhere.

Time will tell.

Today, Mayhem is out to the place made to help him so he can gain

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Monday - Day One

This is the week that I go duck hunting. I'm going to get those little quackers in line for Miss Chaos' admission into the NDIS if it firkin kills me. This, in turn, means a potential week of phone tag with her case manager. Yay.

I spent ALL WEEKEND downloading Baldur's Gate 3, and its associated character creator. I'll be playing with that after I'm done with my shenanigans for today.

Thusly, the PLN is:

  1. Write stuff whilst waiting for 9AM
  2. Once
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Sunday - Cake Day - Day One

Happ borth two mi. Yes I spelled it like that on purpose. It's my birthday, I can do what I like so ner.

It's forty-eight trips around the sun, today. I asked my Beloved for a little camera I can attach to my gaming compy for potential gamer vid purposes... and now there is a worryingly table-sized package sitting in mock innocence in the dining room.

I am having a concern.

The Muppet has gone to hospital with his plague case and

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