Friday, Day 1, Bikkie Day

Plague news: No new cases! There's thirty-eight total active cases, twenty-seven of those are in hospital. Australia's at 93% first vax, 88.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still tied with WA for last place in the vax race at 87.9% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Because Omicron, we're all going to need a booster. I shall be discussing that with my quack at a later time.

I have starters to feed, bikkie to make, Catbox to change and maybe a task or two on the House Unfuckening. There's also dungeon to build and story to write and fun to have.

I have nebulous PLNs to turn Koshdelia into a novel, but I really should focus on finishing the trilogy before I dive into that.

Expected success rate... about 30%

In the news:

  • New Zealand bans smoking. As in, at all. HUZZAH! When is Australia going to do that?
  • Kids on TikTok are quitting toxic workplaces and filming their resignations
  • 71YO claims super settlement from dead 23YO partner's payment. Can someone investigate this guy? Seems skeevy
  • TV star guilty of child pornography
  • Photo surfaces of Maxwell and Epstein at one of the Queen's places. YIKES
  • Wake up babes, a new TimTam dropped

Onwards to more nonsense.

ADDENDUM: Paramount is now mining Wattpadd and webcomics for content. They may or may not be paying the creators for this either.