Monday, Day 1, OMW

Plague news: No new cases! We have seventeen total active cases, seven of those are in hospital. First vaxxed are holding steady(ish) at 75% [closing on 76%] and rising to 51% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still below the bar with 45% of the population fully vaccinated.

My personal health news: my arm is back to what passes for normal. I'm on antibiotics and steroids for the lung gobbets, which are now smaller and harder to get rid of -_- Win some, loose some.

After I publish my Instant and write my 500 words, I shall be reading the adventure book cover to cover several times over so I know what the fuck I'm doing next Sunday. I can hope.

Among my other challenges today, I have to try and ring the local quack to make an appointment to get my meds renewed, scripts and all. Blargh.

In the news:

  • Turkmenistan has an amazing way of keeping the pandemic away. It sticks its fingers in its ears and sings, "Lalala I'm not listening" until it goes away whilst also fudging the books
  • Public swimming pools open in NSW with interesting definitions of 'open'
  • Nicolas Cage is apparently a spendthrift
  • Woman tired of package thieves stealing her shit packages literal shit for them to steal
  • Police looking for THREE armed fuckwits in Sydney southwest [me, a law-abiding firearms licensee: "How the fuck did they get these weapons?"]
  • Sydney cafe swears to only serve takeout until the unvaxxed are allowed to sit with everyone else. Calling it now, they are only going to be visited by the unvaxxed and thence go out of business
  • Loch Ness monster spotted by drone despite the lack of any other evidence that Nessy actually exists

Storytime now.