Saturday, Day 1, Unfuckening Part 2

Plague news: no new cases! Twenty total active cases with only nine in hospital. Australia's almost at 75% first-vax and 50% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 44% fully vaxed. I am still rather weary but I have only minor aches in my arm now.

I am going to cut up all the free range cardboard so it takes up less space, and finally go through the Pile from the computer room floor.

I was distracted by getting new kitty litter yesterday. Beloved came along and you know what that means. We "found" a bunch of other stuff we needed. Whoops.

In the news:

  • One of China's "too big to fail" companies is about to fail
  • "Promising young man" who stabbed his wife 29 times and murdered her is apparently not guilty because she provoked him -_- The struggle continues
  • Antivaxxer emerges from jail and announces engagement. Charming
  • Zoo visitors stunned by the knowledge that animals don't know what "private acts" are
  • 9/10 bellyband surgeons recommend bellybands for fat kids -_-
  • Vegans have been adding stickers to parcels in the meat section. Mmm-mm, I do love the partially burned portions of a decomposing corpse of a murdered animal
  • Disney faces $27Million child sex abuse lawsuit. They have enough feral lawyers to skate out of this without a scratch
  • Explorers reach the bottom of the "Well of Hell"
  • Racists kicked out of a diversity space. Shocker 9_9

And now, today's story.