Challenge #03164-H255: Earth Plus Water Equals Friendship?

The path to real friendship is paved with really stupid shit. Hey my friend, sorry about that! Here, let me get that mud off of you. -- Anon Guest

There is a saying among Galactics, Pack-bonding will happen whether you want it or not. It is never said by Humans. When they found out about it they laughed.

It was certainly a very true saying for Companion Tros, who had just met her Ships' Human in a cascade of mud, tumbles, and laughter. "Whoah, I really misjudged that one. Hi, you okay? Nothing broken? Livesuit[1] holding up?" The Human picked her up, setting her back upright while still sitting in the mud. "Let me get that gluck off of ya."

Hands easily capable of crushing her were surprisingly gentle at a perfunctory cleansing. "Hello? I am here to meet Human Ori and begin briefing for life aboard the Legendary Fire Bird."

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