Friday, Day 0, Unfuckening Overdue

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each -_- Twenty-five total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 74% 1st vax, 49% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still at 43% fully vaxxed. I have motion back in my arm with minimal pain and PLNs to take it slowly but surely today.

The rubbish and recycling peeps have kindly entered our bins so today's a perfect day to start filling them all over again. Yay.

Today, I will get rid of the scattering of garbage I had to leave in the house because bins full. So help me.

I'm also aiming at 1K words and hoping to reach it. But it's also a very Bad Air Day for me, so not expecting a terrible lot.

In the news:

  • They have new ways to turn plastic back into oil
  • Leaked document shows that a lab was planning to release a coronavirus into bat just before the Wuhan outbreak
  • Boxer banned for sporting a racist tattoo
  • Woman charged with attempted murder for poisoning her 2YO
  • All those Covidiots protesting in Melbourne have to be tested for the plague now
  • Fake Tradie exposed by pic
  • Muppet sues his niece
  • Billionaire dating a woman half his age
  • Crows have started attacking drones

And now I post story and commence unfuckening the house.