Challenge #03163-H254: A Song of Sixpence

The spaceport was in shambles, the red lights and sirens blared, there was no one else left here save for a few hurrying to life pods. They walked through the halls in their space hardened livesuit as carefree as if they were walking through a sunlit park on a pleasant day. As the facility was falling apart around them, they sat at the now abandoned cafe', leaned back, put their feet up on a table, and smiled darkly. One down, .. so many to go. -- DaniAndShali

Every possible alarm was going off at once. Every living being, unperson or not, was scrambling for the lifepods. The impressive architecture was falling down all around the few scrambling people left. Only one, in a battle-rated livesuit, was strolling. Their name was Rye, and they were currently making sure that every living soul on board got out safely.

This involved checking their scanners and moving to wherever a trapped life was and making sure they could get to safety.

Now that even the Skitties and the Cleaners[1] were in lifepods of their own, it was time to make certain their self-appointed task was done. This station, alongside so many others like it, were going to be unsalvageable wrecks, a complete loss for Deregger CEO Harmin McIrney and his empire of woe.

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