Thursday, Day 0, Finagling

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. Twenty-three total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. I've had my second jab and my arm is very sore and my head is slightly floaty. Australia's at 73% firxt vax, 48% fully vaxed. QLD's at 43% fully vaxed - and ME!

I will immediately be lying down with fluids after this part of my workday is done. Chicken soup, drinkies to suit my palette, and a lot of rest.

Sometime later today, I may arrange for things to occur in the financial department, but I doubt.

In the news:

  • BF of victim Gabby Petito sent a message online asking people not to try finding him
  • Iron ore slings back into moneymaking territory
  • Netflix buys Roald Dahl Story Co
  • Melbourne got an earthquake
  • Extremists are grooming the tradies oh dear
  • Woolies stick pamphlets in their dividers, surprising some
  • Museum staff share creepiest things in their collections, and it is awesome
  • Old host of America's Most Wanted goes off about the Gabby Petito case
  • ICU worker in NSW shares that hubby sleeps in a tent outside until she gets her vax
  • Best and Less about to ban unvaxxed customers

And now it's story time.