Thursday, Day 1, Organised?

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! There's thirty total active cases, seventeen are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 83% first vax, 64% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax, and 54% fully vaxxed.

Miss Chaos is back to school, and it's nice to see those little squares on the site filling up. IDK about the red squares meaning fully vaxxed though. Someone else make the colour theory joke.

It's raining! On one hand, nice to have some rain. On the other hand, floods and maniacs.

I might be inspired to make a plains road map with hills and such.

In the news:

  • Surprise, surprise, freedom in NSW has lead to outbreak risks
  • Severe storms to hit Australia
  • China is ready for a world war 9_9
  • Some shithead went on a killing spree with a bow and arrow
  • Australia wants clean energy
  • Antivaxxer tries to use fake court documents. It FAILS
  • Beatles versus Rolling Stones back again
  • Mother hosts sex parties for teens. WTFF?
  • These common household items can kill you
  • Celebs quarantine differently. Shocker
  • Border rules change
  • AZ jab might be taken out of the offerings
  • 10YO nabs rare ocean photo
  • Service industry frontliners have things to say about Freedom Day

Onwards with story!