Challenge #03183-H274: That's Why a Duck

A geneticist looks into a way of splicing the good luck gene into bad-luckers. Using gene therapy as a way to try to turn around the lonely, painful, lives so many bad luckers are forced to exist within. -- Fighting Fit

The luck gene is a fickle, fickle beast. Some people get the worst luck whilst also being a living good luck charm for everyone around them. That's not the worst of it. Some are bad luck to a huge swathe of space around them.

There are two choices when that happens to an unfortunate soul: Isolation, or weaponisation. Pray your civilisation is not rotten enough to require a tactical Lucker strike.

Most of the time, it evens out. Luckers find a mutually benevolent cancellation aura and live passably normal lives. But for some, there is very little hope at all. For those literally luckless people, there are solitary Havenworlds with no intelligent life, soft furnishings, and over-engineered food printers.

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