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Saturday, Democracy Sausage and Sog

It's raining, the yard's a quagmire, and I will put my vote in to change ScoMo's job title today. Yay.

Also coming with are Beloved and Mayhem. Beloved and I are planning to wear our pride pins to ward off spruikers for the White One Australia Party and the United Fascist Australia Party. Both of those parties are bigoted gits and I can't believe they have a following.

Then again, the orange canker sore who used to be POTUS has a following here, so there's no upper limit on being daft.

I don't care if I'm wading to the polls, I am voting today.

ScoMo and his Coal Fondlers need to go IMHO. So too to the bigots and willfully ignorant in the senate.

But first, I owe y'all a story.

Friday, Rain and nonsense

March is looming, which means nobody will be wearing masks. Which means that the next plague variant will be going far and wide and murdering people before it gets detected.

Either the Rona becomes more domestic, just like the 1918 influenza... or it gets worse and bites capitalism on the bum. So long as the money can flow, capitalism just don't care -_-

I am a cynical B.

My PLNs today are: Furnishing the dungeon and MAYBE making a start on

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Thursday, Day 1, Organised?

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! There's thirty total active cases, seventeen are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 83% first vax, 64% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax, and 54% fully vaxxed.

Miss Chaos is back to school, and it's nice to see those little squares on the health.gov site filling up. IDK about the red squares meaning fully vaxxed though. Someone else make the colour theory joke.

It's raining! On one hand, nice

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space-sisters: A tree frog in Jember, Indonesia, shelters from the rain under a leaf. The amphibian reportedly held the leaf for 30 minutes...


A tree frog in Jember, Indonesia, shelters from the rain under a leaf. The amphibian reportedly held the leaf for 30 minutes before the storm passed.

That high-pitched shrieking noise you just heard was me, dying of the cute.

All together now:


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I discovered yesterday that the masses of water gathering around the uphill side of my house were due to masses of wet grass blocking the drains.

It was an education getting rid of that shit.

Mainly because the hound kept trying to fetch the sodden masses of grass as I chucked them onto the jungle lawn and then shaking off on me when he came back under shelter again.

Now that the grass is gone, the calf-deep puddles have drained away and

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Poor dog

The hound has taken to racing up and down the yard in the rain. I have only just figured out why.

He’s looking for his people.

Unfortunately for the hound, his people - Mayhem and Chaos - are back at school. Until it floods out with all this fargnaxing rain.

So in order to keep him at least dry, I’ve had to keep the front door open so he knows I’m around. Poor thing’s

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