Poor dog

The hound has taken to racing up and down the yard in the rain. I have only just figured out why.

He’s looking for his people.

Unfortunately for the hound, his people - Mayhem and Chaos - are back at school. Until it floods out with all this fargnaxing rain.

So in order to keep him at least dry, I’ve had to keep the front door open so he knows I’m around. Poor thing’s huddled up by the door and occasionally looking in with soulful eyes.

He stinks and he’s wet, so he stinks worse. Plus, he tends to chew everything he can get his teeth into, so there’s no way on this green [and waterlogged] earth that I’m going to let him indoors.

Best I can do for him is sit on the veranda when the wind is driving the rain away from it and give him company and pats.

Poor mutt.

Rain, rain, go away. We’d all love to do some stuff today.