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Challenge #03223-H314: Schoolyard Encounter

Marvins beloved daughter, Vee, is a little older now and is a child that's apprenticing for her magic and her ability to heal using magic is becoming all the more impressive. Thanks to her dad's influence, greed, or ego, has never touched her, and compassion has become the solid core of who she is. Many still seek the youngster's aid, and as she gets older, she's getting more dragon-like in appearance, though retaining her human form, and she lives a happy life with her dad, and everyone else, watching over her. -- Anon Guest

Vee was six, and going to school. There was a very interesting half hour in those school days where anyone magical attempted to hone her abilities to the point where they were actually under control. The wings could slow any fall, especially from a great height. Skinned knees were now only a thing from skipping, then tripping, along Lower Petraine's roads and pathways.

But for every school, even under the influence of Wraithvine, there were bullies. One of them "creatively borrowed" their parent's holy symbol and managed to cast Insect Plague. It was all derogatory laughter until Vee activated her poison breath, slaughtering the vermin.

Parents and guardians were summoned. A reckoning was bound to be had. Both Vee and the ringleader of the bullies - Sakarin Bane - were sulking in opposite time-out chairs. Glaring molten death at each other.

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Tuesday, Day 0, School!

Plague news: Three new cases, one local and two imports. There's twenty-six total active cases, fifteen are in hospital. Australia's getting closer to 80% first vax, at 79.6% done. Even closer to 57% fully vaxxed. Qld's holding steady at 49% fully vaxxed.

I have had a very long and busy birthday. MeMum now knows how to update her phone. She also has her vaccine passport there too. Yay.

This involved, getting MeMum's MyGov to work [It's going to involve multiple answer

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Challenge #03167-H258: It's Personal Protection

Humans get together to build an enormous, state-of-the-art, station with all the best defenses, and comforts, the universe has to offer. But it has a ton more classrooms than just for kids, and a lot of kitchens. What is the station? A huge cooking school where students, no matter who, or what, they are, can come, live in the dorms, and learn to prepare and serve foods from all over the alliance and beyond. -- Anon Guest

As far as space stations

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Challenge #03162-H253: A Devil of a Day

There was a school, a special school, one meant primarily for nobles and families of royal blood, though other students were able to earn their way in through hard work. It was surrounded by an imposing, but decorative, wall and large, wrought-iron gates with a massive crest emblazoned. Inside the gated place was a massive school with comfortable dorms, a huge series of gardens and forested areas, it was a school almost larger than a full-sized palace. But there was a difference

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A New Way

Master Mayhem is 17. In many places, that means he's expected to handle things for himself. Including himself. Therefore, I am no longer chasing him to be ready at a certain time. This is going to be interesting. My lovely little lad has ever been the type to ignore my warnings and then get smacked in the face with the consequences.

Just as an example: Mayhem has emerged from the bedroom and is now wandering the halls looking for his school bag.

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Challenge #01976-E152: Low Rent Catchment

booooom "What the hell was that?" "Thunder?" "Are you nuts? It's a clear sky, there's not a storm for a thousand K's." -- Anon Guest

"Different kind of thunder," said Fouthet.

Somik glared at hir as if ze had grown another head. "There is only one kind of thunder."

"There's two," insisted Fouthet. "You're of age now, so you can sense the Hidden School." And just as Somik was about to argue, ze added, "It's where the mageborn go to learn their

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Challenge #01280-C185: One Smoke-filled Afternoon in a Very Special School

Almost causing the apocalypse is an important part of growing up.

(Everyone should do it at least once) -- RecklessPrudence

Smoke was all that remained of the conflagration, and holes in the masonry were the only hint left that a giant robot had found a new means of egress.

"What have we learned, today?" said Mrs Calgary.

Three small children toed the ground as they swung back and forth in their place. "Don' touch th' red button," they chorused.

"Especially when...?" prompted

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Poor dog

The hound has taken to racing up and down the yard in the rain. I have only just figured out why.

He’s looking for his people.

Unfortunately for the hound, his people - Mayhem and Chaos - are back at school. Until it floods out with all this fargnaxing rain.

So in order to keep him at least dry, I’ve had to keep the front door open so he knows I’m around. Poor thing’s

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