A New Way

Master Mayhem is 17. In many places, that means he's expected to handle things for himself. Including himself. Therefore, I am no longer chasing him to be ready at a certain time. This is going to be interesting. My lovely little lad has ever been the type to ignore my warnings and then get smacked in the face with the consequences.

Just as an example: Mayhem has emerged from the bedroom and is now wandering the halls looking for his school bag. Which, I might note, he was advised to find and fill yesterday. I am carefully remaining calm because this is definitively not my problem. Mayhem needs him some consequences in his life.

Starting with the knowledge that he's the one doing these things to himself.

The fight for me is letting him dangle until such time as he actually asks for help, instead of leaping to his aid as a volunteer. The rest of the world may have a chance to thank me later.

After Chaos gets her bus, it's then a question of the money run, cleaning day, and all my writing shenanigans, plus brat run in the afternoon.

I've got half an hour before 7 and the impending deadline for one brat run. Let's see how far I can get into an Instant.