Challenge #02214-F024: Ill Met in Sarkis Ten

Class 5 Deathworlders react to the information of human self-cannibalism in extreme situations. -- Anon Guest

Class one Deathworlders only have one elemental portion of their environment attempting to kill them. Class two get two of them. All the way up to level five, with the plants, the animals, the geology, the climate, and astronomy of their solar system repeatedly attempting to kill them. They get to be Deathworlders by surviving all of this and making it out to discover that there are kinder worlds than their own.

Class five Deathworlders generally use the population principal towards survival. Thusly, like all egocentric civilisations discovering the Universe, presume that their way is the only way to progress into space. They always presume wrong. Of course they do. It's the discovery process that is always entertaining to watch.

"You!" Throkk the Destroyer recognised the Human who kept coming back like a bad smell. "I left you on a poison world with no hope of rescue! You should be dead."

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