Challenge #03167-H258: It's Personal Protection

Humans get together to build an enormous, state-of-the-art, station with all the best defenses, and comforts, the universe has to offer. But it has a ton more classrooms than just for kids, and a lot of kitchens. What is the station? A huge cooking school where students, no matter who, or what, they are, can come, live in the dorms, and learn to prepare and serve foods from all over the alliance and beyond. -- Anon Guest

As far as space stations go, it's fairly huge. It's all about the accommodations. There's standard habitats, customisable for any cogniscents needs, the air recycling system, both private and public[1]. There are also crowds of kitchens for any situation. Low-G, no-G, high-G, and equipped with every single cooking and preparation method anyone could concoct.

There are also, because of transportation costs, farms. Cultured meat proteins are fine for learning how to cook them, but there are always the kind of wealthy snob willing to pay for protein from slaughtered animals[2]. So dissection labs are special events.

It's all very well learning in virtuality, but the real thing is always vastly different to the programmed practice. And for some students, even the virtuality is challenging.

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