Tuesday, Day 2, Patreon

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! We have twelve active cases, seven of which are in hospital. Australia has moved up to 76% first vaxxed, almost 52% fully vaxxed. Queensland is at 45% fully vaxed. My spawn are getting their second jabs next month. Yay. On separate days. Boo.

Thanks to Tale Foundry being back in action I have a NEW WORK for my $5 tier over in Patreon. Yay. The one person who pays for that should be glad. I hope.

I'm doing okay on the antibiotics and steroids. Yay. Still need Max this morning, but the breathing is so much easier. I get my prescriptions renewed this Thursday and a three-figure meds purchase immediately after. Sigh.

It's expensive to breathe, sometimes.

In the news:

  • Apparently there's been two mystery Covid detections between yesterday noon [where my figures come from] and now. Dag
  • Brexit and plague cause food and fuel shortages in the UK, which causes riots
  • Simone Byles can't catch a break
  • HJ's CEO bets the antivaxxers will crumble when they finally realise there's consequences for their inactions
  • Some fuckwit murdered a teacher in the UK
  • "Promising young man" with music career found guilty of sexual assault
  • Been to Maccas? You could have got Covid with that
  • Train strike imminent. Just firkin pay the people a fair wage, geez
  • Yet another convicted rapist with a foreign name is released to the public. Not a peep about the eurocentric-named rapists also released from jail
  • Aussie scientists discover non-toxic treatment alternative to chemo. ScoMo to sell it to megaglobopharmacorp for fifty cents
  • Dan Murphy's recall
  • Some fuckwit killed a student and left her body in a dumpster
  • Bounty hunter after Gabby Petito's alleged murderer boyfriend
  • Netflix made an expensive movie
  • Google's also racist
  • Canny parents buying their kids shares
  • HJ's going after KFC
  • Plague now impacting our ability to import stuff
  • My birthday's coming up and I have NOTHING planned

Anyway. Onwards to story.